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Celebrate Autumn with PRISM

The new Autumn Collection from PRISM is soooo lovely, comfy and fresh.

The fabrics are so real, that you can feel them. Perfect details, colors and prints.

Gorgeous top and skirt with wool sweater, a long stripped wool sweater that can be use alone or with warm socks or a nice paisley dress, all in mesh and well fitting.


 Prism Sandy by Journey in Pink Tweed

Prism Glenna by Journey in Olives

 Prism Sally by Journey in Paisley


Your Limo to PRISM


Styling Card:

Pic 1: [:ME:] Bea Lip Color (Red 01)

blackLiquid MAKEUP -  just gloss

blackLiquid MAKEUP -  pink glitter shaddow

>TRUTH< Cyanne w/Roots – strawberry

The Whore of Babylon Earrings ChopZuey

IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Green (S)

Pic 2: Piccadilly Overknee Boots

Madrid Solo- Lip Base- Medium Size- Purple

blackLiquid MAKEUP – Winehouse eyes

>TRUTH< Kadence – macaroon

[MANDALA]Omochi Necklace/Adriatico Blue

 Pic 3: SLink Jolie Pied Pivoting foot

blackLiquid MAKEUP -  just gloss

blackLiquid MAKEUP – sky glitter shaddow

*PMoon – Hot Chocolate Mug

/Wasabi Pills/ Christy Mesh Hair – Golden

News from Blueberry

Blueberry’s latest releases, LOVE them!

High Sneackers Boots in mesh, urban glam, a must have and check all the super colors available.

The Lina mesh Leather Jacket another must have for this season, highly detailed, looks so real and the colors are just perrrfect.


 Blueberry Lina *Mesh* Leather Jacket Beige

Blueberry Linda *Mesh* Denim Shorts

Blueberry Knee High Sneaker Boots



Your Limo to Blueberry


Styling Card:

blackLiquid MAKEUP -  pink glitter shaddow

blackLiquid MAKEUP -  just gloss

Madrid Solo- Lips- Soft Kisses 3

[MANDALA]Anuttra Ring

>TRUTH< Cyanne w/Roots – strawberry

IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Green

The Ascension of Silver – NV Corsetry Brittainy Collins

When I first saw this gown i was stunned.. truly breathtaking in its form and detail not to mention the possiblities.. The Ascension of Silver was first premiered at the Avenue Cinque Pure show. The simplicity hides the complexity of detail and structure giving it an elegance that is simple mystical. I have decided to show a more casual form of this outfit in order to draw the idea to the detailing on the corset and pants. Enjoy!



Chel by Prism~


Outfit: Chel by Prism [New!]
Taxiiii  -> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bal%20Harbour/26/184/22

Hair: Kabuki Empire by Epoque  [New!]

Bag: The Apasionado bag by Lagyo  [New!]

 Shoes: Ultra Platform by N-Core (Special at Mimi’s Choice)


Amita Yorcliffe!

Warming up with Destiny’s Designs

As summer lays its thick carpet of humid heat over the northern hemisphere, prompting some of us to seek out beaches and umbrellas (or perhaps, dark rooms and air conditioners) with an iced drink in their hands, it is only natural that my thoughts turn to…Christmas!

But all joking aside, the beautiful and Victorian-themed Sleigh Ride Gown from Destiny’s Designs (one of the many designers featured in today’s Time Machine show presented by the Opium Fashion Agency) reminds us that SL is a place to make our dreams come true, and why should that not include a change of seasons? Take a look at the gown, and you might just agree:)

The Sleigh Ride Gown is a wonderful creation made by the talented Karmas Destiny, using detailed and realistic velvet and fur textures in a striking ruby red. The tight-fitting, buttoned jacket features a tasteful cleavage and sculpted sleeves for the upper arms, as well as a decorative black trim for the chest and neck plus fur trims on the wrists. The jacket flares out at waist level, emphasising the female body shape to its fullest, as it sits atop a gorgeous black bustle, finally leading into the rich, full skirt in silky white. Tiny white poinsettia arrangements adorn the bustle, as well as the bottom of the jacket, both in the front and back. Beautiful!

Of course, the gown can be worn with or without the adorable fur-trimmed hood, which covers your entire head and neck to ensure that the only effect the icy cold will have on you is a lovely blush on your face:) The hood is large enough to allow you to wear a hair underneath, and all of the attachments are modifiable and even transferable for easy gift giving (that is a hint for you gentlemen) – I had no trouble fitting everything perfectly to my shape, including the lower jacket/gown bustle which connects seamlessly to the jacket texture. This is truly quality work, and a joy to wear:)

Specificially for this gown, jewelry designer Kateefa Abernathy of Teefa’s Tiny Trinkets set out to create the Sleigh Ride Set (Poinsettias), a beautiful and delicate set consisting of a necklace, earrings, and a tiara (to be worn in place of the hood). This set is transferable as well, and conveniently scripted to resize and fit easily via a menu. Detailed silver chains adorned with realistic floral arrangements are a perfect match for the flowers on the gown – can you imagine a better Christmas present?;)

Destiny’s Designs of course has many, many more offerings, all in the same amazing quality and authentic detail as the Sleigh Ride Gown. To see some of them, as well as discover many other talented designers, make sure to visit Opium’s Time Machine fashion show today at 1pm or at 6pm SL time, where our models will show you an amazing fashion ride through time from the earliest days of the Stone Age throughout the Renaissance and Victorian eras, all the way into the future of things yet to come!

We hope to see you there:)


Photography and modeling by Rhonda Pennell

Outfit: Sleigh Ride Gown with included hood from Destiny’s Designs

Jewelry: Sleigh Ride Set (Poinsettias) from Teefa’s Tiny Trinkets (store location not currently found)

Skin: Pearl glow skin 03 (fair) with blonde hairbase from Laqroki

Hair: Trisha barley from TRUTH

Shoes: not visible