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News from Blueberry

Blueberry’s latest releases, LOVE them!

High Sneackers Boots in mesh, urban glam, a must have and check all the super colors available.

The Lina mesh Leather Jacket another must have for this season, highly detailed, looks so real and the colors are just perrrfect.


 Blueberry Lina *Mesh* Leather Jacket Beige

Blueberry Linda *Mesh* Denim Shorts

Blueberry Knee High Sneaker Boots



Your Limo to Blueberry


Styling Card:

blackLiquid MAKEUP -  pink glitter shaddow

blackLiquid MAKEUP -  just gloss

Madrid Solo- Lips- Soft Kisses 3

[MANDALA]Anuttra Ring

>TRUTH< Cyanne w/Roots – strawberry

IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Green

Fataly Green! – Opium Sports Show Sneak Peak

Fatal Cordy Shorts
Fatal Amy Sweater
Maitreya Leather Satchel
RoleOptic Neca Glasses
Truth Portia
Maitreya Gold Suave
Body Co Summer
Mandala Nails
Mandala Noodle Earrings
Ceolo Jewelry
Earthstones Belly Beads


A yummy sneak peak at the new fall preview from Fatal.. This lovely sweater and short set will be released after the Opium Sports show in November!  So get those Lindens ready for some heavy shopping!

Evolve ~ Noir

Evolve brings you a dress for all occasions.. a dress that can cross genres with Noir.. here is four examples in fun flashy prints from blue dots to black bohemian and punky, fresh ready to hit the night club scene.. What ever the occasion.. a night out.. business casual.. an art opening or just a day shopping with the ladies Evolve Noir suits the mood perfectly…


Outfit: Evolve Noir Beauty
Shoes: Sim -I – Lar Oranto
Hair: Emo-tions Taylor
Skin: Lilith
Makeup: GlamAffair Leah
Jewelry: Glow
Nails: Mandala


Outfit: Evolve Noir Beauty
Jewelry: Finesmith/Mandala/MG
Shoes: ISON
Makeup: Kosh/Madrid Solo
Skin: GlamAffair
Hair: Loovus Dzevavor
Nails: Mandala


Outfit: Evolve Noir Beauty
Shoes: Maitreya
Accessories: Maitreya/Role Optic
Jewelry: Mandala
Pants: Molochino
Skin: GlamAffair
Hair: Truth


Outfit: Evolve Noir Beauty
Hair: Vanity
Skin: GlamAffair
Makeup: Kosh / Madrid Solo
Pants: Maitreya
Jewelry: Dahlinks/ ChopZuey
Nails: Mandala


Model: Brittainy Collins

Photographer: Brittainy Collins

It’s Raining Dresses!!

I have the extreme honor to show you some seriously amazing dresses. Rain by SAS are truly 100% worth the money. You get approximately 3 dresses!! You get three different bodices and about 4 skirt options. So the options are truly endless. No matter what options you choose you will look stunning. I know when i put on these dresses I felt like a princess in Disney movie. Not only do you get skirt options and tops you get gloves. Now you only get one style of gloves but gloves are a great way to accessorize any formal gown. I love the fact you have a separate train that you can either wear or not but its a great option as I feel trains can completely change the feel of any dress. I really do love this dress and I think it will become a major part of your formal attire.


Hair: Truth – Mischa – Mirage

Skin: Exodi – Isolde – Nugent

Clothes: SAS – Rain – Magenta, Blue , Turquoise

One Dress two personalities

This is one of those dresses that has split personalities. This dress Liane by Clio really has split personalities. It is not overly  sexualized but it leaves enough to imagination to turn some heads. You can style this dress with either formal hair and jewelery or you could mix it up and give it a more contemporary relaxed look. Either way you cant go wrong.


Hair – Truth – Mirage – Madeline

Skin – Atomic – Audrey – Honey – Bubble 1

Tattoo layer – Atomic – victim Makeup set 1 – Silver Lining (eyes)

Outfit – Clio – Liane (Blue and Fuchsia)

Nylons: Sheer – torn nylons

Being SASsy is easy

So I have the pleasure of showing you all this wonderful outfit by SAS. This outfit is called Foeksia. This is one of those dresses you can add some really crazy accessories too and as long as you don’t add to many you wont over power the outfit. The only Accessory I added to this outfit is the Atomic Bambi hair corsage. I felt it added a dark contrast to  the dress. Now this dress is truly unique. I have yet to see a designer attempt to do something like this dress. The reason I say that is the bodice is made out of rhinestones but if you look closely enough you can see that the stone dissipate up the neckline creating the illusion of them falling off the dress. As well as under the bust around the stomach area showing some of the under cleavage area. The tutu just adds a certain appeal especially since its bright pink. This outfit is one that really yells look at me! (in a good way of course)

Pickup Foeksia by SAS here!


Skin: Atomic – Honey – Audrey – Bubble 1

Hair:Truth – Edie – Mirage

Outfit: SAS – Foeksia

Accessories: Atomic Bambi – Hair Corsage