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Evolve ~ Noir

Evolve brings you a dress for all occasions.. a dress that can cross genres with Noir.. here is four examples in fun flashy prints from blue dots to black bohemian and punky, fresh ready to hit the night club scene.. What ever the occasion.. a night out.. business casual.. an art opening or just a day shopping with the ladies Evolve Noir suits the mood perfectly…


Outfit: Evolve Noir Beauty
Shoes: Sim -I – Lar Oranto
Hair: Emo-tions Taylor
Skin: Lilith
Makeup: GlamAffair Leah
Jewelry: Glow
Nails: Mandala


Outfit: Evolve Noir Beauty
Jewelry: Finesmith/Mandala/MG
Shoes: ISON
Makeup: Kosh/Madrid Solo
Skin: GlamAffair
Hair: Loovus Dzevavor
Nails: Mandala


Outfit: Evolve Noir Beauty
Shoes: Maitreya
Accessories: Maitreya/Role Optic
Jewelry: Mandala
Pants: Molochino
Skin: GlamAffair
Hair: Truth


Outfit: Evolve Noir Beauty
Hair: Vanity
Skin: GlamAffair
Makeup: Kosh / Madrid Solo
Pants: Maitreya
Jewelry: Dahlinks/ ChopZuey
Nails: Mandala


Model: Brittainy Collins

Photographer: Brittainy Collins

Scorpius by L+N Signature Fantasy

I believe everyone has a fantasy and I also believe everyone deserves a great outfit when they decided to turn their fantasy into reality.  L+N Signature Fantasy by Brgn Halberstam is a one stop destination to find all those needs.

Scorpius (1) – Platinum

I am wearing a masterpiece called Scorpius and it is available in 2 colors, platinum and gold. This hot-stuff is specially created for those of you who savours an extreme cyber / steam punk looks. The designer describes this outfit as “Unique Artistic Design resembles a scorpion-like appearance”. I totally need to complete that description by adding “-super hot-” scorpion-like appearance!

Scorpius (1) – Gold

This awesome outfits comes in a whole package that will enable you to create different looks but still retain its -super hot-” scorpion-like appearance!  Today I am showing you 2 different options in 2 different colors. Of course, you can mix match them to suit your needs. Totally Awesome!!

Scorpius (2) – Gold

Scorpius is a perfect designs for anyone who feels comfortable to be different and unique. So if you are one of those people who is twistedly cool, you should visit L+N Signature Fantasy now!
Here’s your jet: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lion%20Heart/21/246/24  

Scorpius (2) – Platinum

So.. Are you dare enough to be different?? Are you brave enough to be the center of attention?? I know Opiates do!!! That is why we are going to show you this scandalous designs on our upcoming show!! Watch out for  The Surreal Life Extreme Fashion Show by Opium Agency – A show that everyone should not miss!!

Photography by Kira Castiglione

Amita Yorcliffe