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Last Days of Summer

Perfect for the last days of summer and the last sunbeams, if you can catch them :p, is the “Fabric Windy” from Vero Modero. The short micro dress gives a really sexy touch and you have to watch where you gonna sit ;) ladies you know what I am talking about, I am sure :) . The top with the great sculpted prim gives the imagination of a light breeze that catches the fabric and blows lightly through. The big bow that closes the top at the back of the neck is a cute eye catcher too.


Outfit: Vero Modero – “Fairy Windy” /red

Jewelry: Mandala – “Sinra” earrings & “Soul2″ bracelets

Skin: Glam Affair – “Gio” /light 01

Hair: Baiastice – “Fujiko” /blonde


Purple Demon by Velvet Rythms

Hi everyone! Today I am going to show you the third beautiful collection from Velvet Rythm! This beautiful dress is called Purple Demon. I am surely getting addicted with this brand, the package offers so many option. Just similar to the last 2 collection I showed you, Purple Demon is suitable for both evening and day wear. Just depend to what you need! :)

Are you curious to see other collections? Here’s the limo:


Amita Yorcliffe

Linzi by Velvet Rythms

Hi everyone! Today I am going to show you another stunning collection from Velvet Rythms! This gorgeous scarlet dress is called Linzi.. I don’t need to tell you a lot of reason why I love this dress.. This dress is super beautiful and sexy! It is simply a dress that should be wore by lots of femme fatale.. Whats best about Linzi is this dress comes in many options just to suit your needs..  Here’s the Limo to get Linzi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elemental%20Wishes/224/163/38


Amita Yorcliffe

Sydney Flower by Morea Style

Morea Style is always been  one of my favourite brands. When I go to Morea Style shop, I can simply find any outfit that would fit in any occassion. Today I am wearing the latest release by Morea Style called Sydney Flower.

Sydney Flowers comes in 2 different tops and you can simply adding or removing the tunique part in order to give 2 different looks. This is a very simple yet elegant casual wear that can be worn during holiday season.


My favourite way to wear this outfit is to wear it without the tunique to show off my curve. You can simply please any men while you are wearing this stunning outfit.

So, don’t wait any longer before grabbing this outfit.. Here’s your taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MOREA%20STYLE/125/124/22 ~

If you still curious to see how it looks like in-world, come to Miami Fashion Week to see our models strutting on this gorgeous casual wear!
More details here: http://www.opiuminsight.com/?p=31193

Amita Yorcliffe



Oh Ricky Your so Fine…

Were you at the SLF fashion show today? If not you may have missed the first time in history where High Fashion and Football mixed. Yes, I know the cheerleader costumes are cute, but they can  hardly be called fashion statements. And let us not even discuss the tight pants and shoulder pads on the players……or the….well…..err…Yes….better to not think to hard about all that.

Anubis Hartunian, is the Designer behind the Anubis Style Line and she definitely had her mind on the game when she made the Limited edition version of “Ricky”.

This is a casual style outfit , just  the thing to wear out  for a day in the stands.  The polo style shirt is boldly striped in the SLF them colors of red, white and blue and sports a tiny SLF logo on the  single pocket.  The surprising choice of  bright red, hem cuffed culottes and matching trainers in the same vivid red is bound to get a man noticed. The culottes have interesting and subtle details, such as curved, decorative seam work and  bone colored button accents at the knee. A deep dark blue sweater wraps low on the waist,  right in reach in case the air turns to chill.

This is a limited edition outfit by Anubis Style. Come and get it while you can!


Brocade Tiger’s The Queen of Hearts is sure to steal yours (but don’t worry, the crown will give you plenty more–it’s an emitter of small sweet hearts that do not overpower).

The outfit comes with contrasting tights, sleeves, panties, top, skirt and crown. Details have not been spared, so all of the ruffles and frills are here.  All you need to add is fun!

I have added a modified scepter orb (a queen must have a scepter, right?), Red bracelet, Violet Voltaire’s Love in a void bracelet, and Burroughs Sweetheart Earrings to carry the fun heart theme to the hilt.  W&Y’s RUNRUN Hair and Baiastice’s D. Casting-Pale-make up16 RD make this the perfect dolly/anime inspired styling.

The Burlesque Rouge shoes by ~Ztique~ add just the right touch of red and black to dance in style.  Have fun skipping your way to Brocade Tiger!

For the men, here is a peek at one of Lexi’s Brocade Tiger outfits for you!

Model and Photography by Dancer Dallagio


The Queen of Hearts by Brocade Tiger
RX_org wand (NFS)
Red Bracelet (NFS)
{Violet Voltaire} Love in a Void Bracelet: Black
Burroughs / Sweetheart Earrings
Baiastice_D. Casting-Pale-make up16 RD
~Ztique~ Burlesque Rouge Shoes

Brocade Tiger: http://slurl.com/secondlife/celebration/16%20/143/31/
Violet Voltaire:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Katat0nik/206/221/23
Burroughs:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ohana/91/88/22
W&Y: http://slurl.com/secondlife/WAKA%20and%20Yuki/127/74/30
Baiastice: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/BAIASTICE/152/126/25
~Ztique: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dans%20les%20Montagnes/140/133/23/?title=La%20Belle%20Vie