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New Demure Couture From Purple Moon..

Something Demure. This is what I have to show you today ladies. Sex appeal at it’s finest. When you want just a peek but not too much the Cao Gown From Purple Moon is just what the diva ordered. This super sexy couture gown comes in 6 fabulous colors (so grab the fat pack)


Let’s have a closer look.




There are two options for the top but each are adorned in this fabulous embrodiered applique along the decolletage and arms giving you full couture. pmcao2


Dainty soft lace black gloves only add to the romantic allure of Cao.  pmcao3


When you give them a view from behind the beauty is just as wonderful as the front. Every curve is hugged softy in silk as the dip along the small of the back hosts another delightful embellishment  pmcao4The bottom of the gown doesn’t dream of dissapointing as the layers and layers of silk form the whimsical and romantic train. This gown is a must have in any formal SL closet.


Make sure you visit Purple Moon today and pick up the Cao gown. You will love every inch of it!




Bohemian Harmony – New Mesh From Purple Moon

Hello Insight readers, what a stunning gown I have to show you today from Purple Moon. May I introduce, Harmony!

Shown to you today in  Reds the Harmony gown has such an air of softness, Sweeping arms skirts and hemline scream romance. This gown has such an air of mysticism, it draws you in completely. Each look brings you deeper and deeper into that sexy body hugging texture that outlines your curves.

Feel like a true romantic goddes sin this new Mesh gown. It moves with you and never skips a beat..except maybe the heartbeats of the ones that are lucky enough to see you in it!


Pay a visit to Purple Moon today. SO many beautiful creations surley wont dissapoint you!


PurpleMoon Creations~ Isadora is New & Stylish~

What can I say about PurpleMoon Creation’s new release, Isadora? Plenty….this is high fashion and stunning! And look at the PurpleMoon Eka Hair !!

Isadora is a complete ensemble also, the only thing I am wearing that is not included are my shoes.

Not only that, but the full outfit with hair, necklace and bangles retails for 425 lindens normally, however the black that I am wearing  is on  sale for  only 225 lindens now! That price is unreal and for a creation so  haute couture, it is unheard of….seriously!!!

The bracelet and necklace are worth more than the sale price, so head to PurpleMoon Creations and grab up Isadora and step out in high style !

LM to PurpleMoon Creations below ~


PurpleMoon Creations

When Paisley said pick 3 colours i did, so was a nice surprise when i unpacked the following three dress. Stylish and elegant and a little retro thrown in.

Glam in red

A rich satin dress,  red, the colour of passion. The skirt falls close to the body until the mermaid train spills to the floor.  The effect is a silhouette most women beg for and a design that is timeless.  The fur is a fashionable accenting of feathers that encase and frame the face and shoulders with softness. Full length gloves are included to finish the complete look. Comes in Ruby, Silver, Gold, Agate, Sapphire and Black.

Diva in Black

The dress drapes from the shoulder and flows clear to the floor with a daring slit clean up to her hip. The fabric is speckled with sequins and it is trimmed with flowers which have silver stamen’s to add a sparkling detail to the dress. The puff sleeve is of black lace with a hand tied bow. Diva comes in White, Black, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire. Fat Pack with the five colors available as well.

Norah in Purple

Purplemoon creations has designed a timeless piece called ‘Norah’.  Its lightly pattern purple jacket with ascented fur collar and cuffs  and a thick belt adds a classic touch.   The tiny pleat skirt flows off the hips in a soft A line fashion that sweeps to the floor. Norah comes in Green, Purple, Black, Champagne and Sienna.

If you would like to see more of the designs of Purplemoon Creation, click here

Hi Ya’ll Purple Moons at it again~

Straight from the movie “Gone with the Wind’ this beautiful southern belle gown called Extravaganzza shown here in White.  This breath taking formal gown has so many intricate details I don’t know where to start. The long flowing belle skirt is a lovely flat white satin covered with an detailed laced over skirt. So many gowns in Second Life seem to merge, but the define between the two skirts on this particular gown is one that truly caught my eye. A lot of care and design have gone into making this small yet very vital detail into view. The sleeveless bodice fits tightly to the body, outlining the natural curves adding even more flowing movement to this ever moving.  A perfectly plumped out bow rests around the hips, as the loose ends of the ribbon gracefully behind.

One fun fact I found as I explored what all came with this gown, the hat and umbrella are both part of the gown! I have seen hats this beautifully designed selling for thousands of Lindens inworld. But with the Extravaganzza gown, this lovely sculpty top hat is included. Detailed and accentuated by a lovely calla lily. The parasol is perfectly covered in matching lace to accessorize the outfit. Mah Mah Mah Ms Scarlett never looked so good!

So the next time Rhett comes a’callin or you just feel that urge to be as beautiful as a belle, make a stop at Purple Moon and pick up this beautiful gown from Poulet Koenkamp.


:: PM :: Blossom in White

Purple Moon has always been a favorite shopping stop so you can imagine my smile when this lovely gown made its arrival into my inventory. Blossom shown here in White, is another show stopper from very talented designer and builder, Poulet Koenkamp. This dual toned black and white gown offer offset and balance all in one. The satin flowing, floor length formal black skirt is something that is always a ‘safe’ choice when making an appearance at a ballroom or formal event. Yet the almost see thru intricate lace top is just enough to not show anything too much, but shows enough to catch several eyes.

The lace top of the gown is long sleeved and high neck, normally meant for cooler weather, but with the lace quite appropriate for summer. The neckline and sleeves are accented by a ruffle of perfectly placed feathers that will ruffle any scene. Softening and offering that tenderness that satin and feathers always

The swirling action of the lace overlay is perfectly placed.  This gown is a wonderful addition to any girls wardrobe, so make sure to check it and all of the other beautiful items offered at Purple Moon today!