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One of the most erotic and sensual pieces of lingerie you could buy yourself is a corset. However, nice corsets in-world are a bit of a rarity. Most that I’ve come across come on layers (jacket, shirt, etc). The corsets from NV Corsetry, however, are attachments that you can adjust to your shape with a simple resize script. Some may be a bit intimidated when it comes to resizing.  They’re either afraid they’ll warp their new purchase into a big mess, but trust me…if I can do it, you definitely can. Just make a copy before you start (just in case!)

I really liked the corset with the “pink skully” design.  It has an EGL/vintage feel to it. When resizing it, I decided to keep it a bit on the longer side, which is part of the beauty of this corset. You can adjust it to fit the look of any outfit you happen to be wearing. The hot pink color demands attention when you enter a room. I paired the look with accessories from Lolapop! – the hat and jewelry really compliment not only the corset, but the outfit as a whole.


Skully Pink


I like well-designed back portions of outfits, and this one does not disappoint. I really like the laces and bow.


Gratuitous back shot.


The winter nights are cold, so why not make things red hot with this little number? You won’t need to turn the thermostat up when you’re wearing this.


Just hangin' around in my corset :)

Visit NV Corsetry today.


-Clothing/Lingerie: NV Corsetry
-Skin & makeup: Pink Fuel
-Hair: Tram
-Jewelry & hat: Lolapop!
-Poses: *EverGlow*

Vintage chic from Sascha’s Designs

It’s been quite a while since I last posted on Opium Insight and I have to say…I missed it greatly. I hope to make post frequently on here once again! Today I’ve got the honor of showing off my new coat from Sascha’s Designs! Since fall is now upon us and we’re looking forward to cooler weather, this jacket definitely fits the season. As many of you know, the Vintage Fair is also going on right now, so I’ve been somewhat stuck in a 70′s kind of mood as of late. This jacket seriously has a funkalicious vintage vibe, but can also be worn in a more toned down, classy manner if you so desire!



Most people tend to favor warmer colors in the autumn for obvious reasons (I’m a fan of the warmer tones, I admit) & I’m loving the jacket in this tone, however it also comes in white, pink, lavender, black and purple for those who tend to gravitate towards those colors, so there’s something for everyone.




I had such fun putting this style together. Sometimes when you find a certain item that’s screaming to be worn, building a look from that central item (whether it’s an article of clothing, hairstyle, skin or piece of jewelry) can totally put you in a bubbly mood and make you feel accomplished. I know I feel pretty perky and I’m not usually so chipper on a Monday!



Visit Sascha’s Designs today!


-Jacket: Potpourri Beige by SAS – Sascha’s Designs (Sascha Frangilli)
-Skin: Kira Ahn (vintage skin from Dekade – now CheerNo)
-Hair: Tuty’s Creations
-Shorts & Belt: *Fishy Strawberry*
-Top: Zaara
-Boots: Elikatira
-Earrings: H.O.D. by Aydan Darcy (previous subscribo gift)
-Necklace: Fairy Tail (Free! From the group lucky board!)
-Eye makeup: cheLLe & Pekka
-Poses: *EverGlow*

Faster, Pussycat.

Sometimes, life just calls for a retro feel. I get in retro moods every once in a while. In those cases, I’ve always dug through my inventory and thrown on something from Artilleri. Now, there is a new, fledgling store called Faster Pussycat that is aching to make it’s mark in Second Life. I had a look around the store and found some cute and creative outfits, from retro/rockabilly to avant garde to pseudo sci-fi and everything in between. I recommend checking them out!

I really like the textures that designer, Honey Bender, used — especially on the skirt. The prim skirt textures were just as rich as the texture on the glitch pants. I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else…it might just be my Windlight settings, but I’ve found that for some of my prim skirts, I end up having to adjust the color in ‘edit’ mode. Sometimes the prim attachment is lighter or darker than the glitch pants. However, with this skirt, they were spot on. The outfit comes with the belt, necklace, skirt and sweater. It has a sexy nerd feel to it, which I really dig. You could pair this outfit with, say, the ‘Trinity’ hair from Truth and easily pull off a boho look as well.

To complete my look, I threw on some glasses from Artilleri as well as the new hairstyle from fri.day called ‘Hilary’.

Like what you’ve seen? TP to the stores and have a look-see!

-Outfit (skirt, top, necklace, belt): Faster Pussycat
-Skin: Tuli
-Hair & shoes: fri.day
-Glasses: Artilleri
-Poses: *EverGlow*

Fashionista On A Budget.

Have you been to The Dressing Room? Well, you should! Why, you ask? The Dressing Room gathers some of Second Life’s most creative designers and has them offering exclusive items for sale each week! These items may include skins, jewelry, clothing, shoes and various accessories. The best part? Nothing is over $70L. If you think it’s mainly new stores that no one has hear of, you’re wrong! Exile, Glam Affair, Baiastice, [dekade], Tuli and SLink are just a few of the brands that participate in this weekly event! While they may not participate *every* week, they are frequent contributors.

This dress, from Mimikri, was only $70L. Just look at the beautiful textures and the classic style that pays homage to the golden days of Hollywood, when you might’ve seen Audrey Hepburn wearing a dress like this. The skin, from [dekade] was also $70L. If you’re fans of Kira Ahn’s latest skinline, ‘Brooke’, then you’ll enjoy this skin. The hair, from Exile, is a new style named ‘Bianca’ which hasn’t been released *just* yet (it will soon, though). At the moment, you can pick it up for only $60L in four exclusive colors only at TDR!

I love SLink’s shoes. That’s why I’m not ashamed in the least to admit that I actually squealed in a mixture of surprise and ecstasy when I found out that they were taking part in this week’s TDR. I fell in love (or maybe it was lust?) with these shoes, and I think you will as well. At only $70L, you would be NUTS to pass this awesome deal up.

So what are you waiting for? GO GO GO!!

-Skin: [dekade]@TDR
-Dress: Mimikri@TDR
-Hair: Exile (1st pic) & Exile@TDR (2nd)
-Top: Emery@TDR (2nd pic)
-Shoes: SLink@TDR

Beyonce = Hotness.

Lingerie. Pretty girls. Who doesn’t like both of those? If you’re a pretty girl/hot lingerie lover, be sure to earmark August 20th & 21st on your calendar for Opium Fashion Agency’s Erotica show! You won’t be disappointed, trust me!

The lingerie I’m spotlighting is from Beyonce, which will take part in the aforementioned next installment of Opium Tales’ ‘Erotica’ show. Sensual, sexy and classy. That’s the kind of lingerie I like and that’s what Beyonce delivers. I accessorized with Haus of Darcy’s newest release – Fallen, which is a dark and lovely necklace as well as an old group gift (the earrings) from them. They give my outfit a bit of an edge, don’t you think? I paired my look with some classic black patent leather boots from Bax Coen. Tres bien, non?

My next Beyonce lingerie set is a bra & panty combo. Simple, yet alluring. I decided to keep on my trusty Bax boots and toss on some cool jewelry that I picked up from Lolapop! The hat/choker/bracelets combo are Lolapop!’s items for the Thrifty Goth “Gother Than Thou” hunt. Just look for the skull!

I’m wearing the new skin release from Tuli, called ‘Audrey’. What’s really cool is that it comes with all sorts of makeup layer tattoos (lipsticks, eyelashes, cleavage). It’s a brand new face and it is just gorgeous! If you’re a member of the in-world Tuli group ($250L to join but more than worth it), be sure to scoop up the group gift at her main store location! The hair I’m wearing in my pictures is a new release from fri.day – one of my favorite hair stores!

-Skin: Tuli
-Hair: fri.day
-Lingerie: Beyonce
-Jewelry: (pic#1) Haus of Darcy & (pics#2&3) Lolapop!
-Boots: Bax Coen
-Poses: *EverGlow* & Reel Expression

Le Glam Affair

Sometimes when I put on clothes and listen to music, I get inspired to blog. Actually, that’s what happens about 97% of the time. Sometimes, I’ll buy an outfit/skin/shoes/pose that I like (or if I’m lucky, some designer who doesn’t think my blog entries aren too bad will give me something), and I’ll put on my headphones and listen to iTunes on random. I’ll go through my poses with the new clothing and when a special song hits at just the right moment, Serendipity turns on that lightbulb above my head. Such was the case when I went through my poses while wearing some new items I got at Glam Affair. The outfits seem to be Lady Gaga-inspired, which is just fine with me because I think she’s fab. I, however, am not, but a great song from my favorite electronic duo, Air French Band (which came out with one of my all-time favorite albums, ‘Moon Safari’), came on and suddenly, I knew what kind of pictures to attempt with these lovely outfits. I hope you enjoy. :)

I looked for a lovely French sim that would compliment my Glam Affair outfits. Lady Luck was smiling down on me.

I found myself wandering around the lush, colorful and stunningly realistic scenery.

I really felt at home at the sim in my creative & imaginative outfits. They aren’t just merely articles of clothing — they’re works of virtual art!

Being at the Paris sim…I just HAD to take a few pictures with the famous Moulin Rouge windmill! Can you blame me? :)

If you like what you’ve seen, head over to Glam Affair and have a look around at all of their beautiful clothing, and be sure to demo their lovely skins!

-Clothing & Skin: Glam Affair
-Hair: (pics#1&2) Kin & (pics#3&4) Tukinowaguma
-Boots: Bax Coen
-Lashes: Cake
-Poses: Striking Poses, Pffiou!, ChereeMotion, [Poser Alert!]
-Music: Air French BandLe Voyage de Penelope