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Strip’d and Purple Moon

Stripd35 stripd34When I first saw this Mesh top named Desiree from designer Valentine Rexen  of Strip’d I just had to have it.This top  was fun and cute and screamed to me 80′s all the way.Paired with one of Purple Moon’s creator Poulet Koenkamp New Mesh Pencil skirt Break Skirt in black it’s just a great ensemble together.

You should really check out both of these fabulous stores they  have so much to offer and all items are high on quality and detail.


Top-Strip’d Fashion by Valentine Rexen:Desiree

Skirt-Purple Moon by Poulet Koenkamp:Black Break Skirt

Collar-Moyet by 577.moyet:Spiked Collar

Diamond Wrist Cuffs-Injected  by Lanna Pixelmaid:Diamond Multiples

Boots-J’s by JB Gazov:Studded Long Boots



Ashley by K-Code

I am so happy when Kara Dresler contacted me personally to give this awesome jacket. It feels like a dream when I received an honor to review one of the latest release from K-Code. This stunning jacket is called Ashley and I am in love with this gorgeous piece. I tell you guys that I have some sort of personal addiction to wear jackets in SL, but Ashley has stole my heart and I don’t think I will be looking for another jacket in a long period of time. There are several reasons why I am in love with this jacket. First, it has resizing script that is really handy to use. Second, it has the texture changing option!! You can change the color of inside part to 4 different colors, such as, yellow, green, beige, and pink. :) Third, It is green!!.. :P .. This green color is kinda rare on SL and I am so happy when I see Ashley on the grid! :) )

Anyways, don’t wait any longer, come grab this stunning jacket from K-Code!
Here’s the limo for you:

Amita Yorcliffe

ALB Desire Berry Corset Dress

Another new release from ALB Dream Fashion! A stunning pink gown that comes with many different features that suits your needs. When you are wearing this beautiful creation, you can clearly see that AnaLee Balut really think about the detail thouroughly when she’s creating this gorgeous gown.  


My favorite part is the skirt, it has a really cute pearl details along the fluffy skirt! Also, it comes in 2 different models and colors.. I must say this gown comes with lotsa alternatives to go along in any occassion..  

Here’s a limo for you: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LAMU%20ISLAND/183/74/40

Amita Yorcliffe

Stunning, sweet, breathtaking – Bliss Couture makes you a princess for an evening :)

Today I have the great pleasure to show you one of the new designs of Amutey DeCuir, designer and genius of Bliss Couture. I got 2 amazing cute colors of the “Vera” gown.

First I have the dark pink version of  “Vera”. The gown is a stunning wide gown that will be center of the view on every event. The amazing matching of white and dark pink makes you a princess for an evening. The skirt is ornamented on the bottom with a beautiful white ornament and the lights that are out on the skirt let it look adorably real.

The light pink gown has the same amazing skirt. The color lightens up to the waist and that makes it possible that the top can be shine again in the main color  that the skirt is made of. The top also is decorated with the same lovely ornaments as the skirt and 2 white ruffled shoulder attachments. The white ornamnet goes up on the clevelage where it is placed like a sweet laced part on the skin that shines lightly through.

This sweet lace part also can be find on the upper back of the dress where it covers sexy the skin until the corsage starts.

In both versions really a dream in pink and a must have for all that wanna be a princess for an evening :)


Gown: Bliss Couture – “Vera” /pink & darkpink

Jewelry: Alienbear – “Frideswide” /white

Hair1: 3636 – “Vita”  /platinum

Hair2: Exclusiva – “Priscilla” /white

Spotlight on SL designers: Exclusiva does it again

We at Opium are excited to bring you the Romantique show this week, as well as continuing coverage of our featured designer! I am, of course, talking about Exclusiva, and hopefully you have read today’s Meet’n'Greet interview with VictoriaV and Vasgez McMillan just a few posts down from this one.

Now I have the pleasure to show you another of their stunning creations, the elegant and gorgeous Stacy summer outfit:)

Stacy once again showcases Exclusiva’s talent for combining the highest quality textures and prim work into designs that exude glamour and sophistication. This classic ruffled satin dress in a rich, deep pink features a gorgeous flowing prim skirt, a shoulderless bodice that embraces and highlights your feminine shape, and a unique V-shaped design made from layered bands in the back which ends in a lovely prim tie just above the bosom. This, along with the detailed stretch folds, gives the dress a flirty and alluring touch, and it does so in style!

And as if that was not enough, the outfit also comes with a beautiful hat, adorned with a pink ribbon and flowers on its side, a stylish satin clutch, white gloves, and a fabulous light jacket that is sure to make you the star of every high society cocktail party. Of course, it too is adorned with a beautiful pink rose:)

The jacket and its sleeves are fully modifiable, and two sizes are already included to give you an easy starting point for fitting to your unique shape. In addition, the hat includes a resizer script. No matter how you put Stacy together, you will look amazing in any combination – be sure to visit Exclusiva soon and pick up your copy, and remember to attend the Romantique fashion show this Thursday or Friday for even more stunning creations:)


Modeling and photography by Rhonda Pennell

Dress: Stacy summer outfit (includes jacket, clutch, and hat) from Exclusiva

Skin: Lisa cashmere face 4 from Aimesi

Hair: Deena anxious blonde from fri.day

Jewelry: Oriental Tang Empress ivory moonstone silver necklace from Alienbear

Shoes: Megan white pumps from Ilayda