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Last Days of Summer

Perfect for the last days of summer and the last sunbeams, if you can catch them :p, is the “Fabric Windy” from Vero Modero. The short micro dress gives a really sexy touch and you have to watch where you gonna sit ;) ladies you know what I am talking about, I am sure :) . The top with the great sculpted prim gives the imagination of a light breeze that catches the fabric and blows lightly through. The big bow that closes the top at the back of the neck is a cute eye catcher too.


Outfit: Vero Modero – “Fairy Windy” /red

Jewelry: Mandala – “Sinra” earrings & “Soul2″ bracelets

Skin: Glam Affair – “Gio” /light 01

Hair: Baiastice – “Fujiko” /blonde


Beauty in Pink with SAS – Sascha’s Design

Beautiful in pink is the theme of the “Bernice”. A stunning gown win different shades or pick with awesome shimmering white highlights that look like little gems all over the dress. The wide, floating skirt moves amazing while walking :)

The back is made very sexy and with love for the detail. Only 2 slim lines hold the dress and give an awesome look on a lady’s beautiful back side ;) and as well lets a lot of room for some awesome jewelry. You can choose between 2 versions of skirts for this lovely gown. A wide one or a slim one, so you are always dressed right for certain events :)


Dress: SAS Sascha’s Design – “Bernice” /pink

Jewelry: Finesmith Design – “Rissa Delicate”

Nails: LoveSoul – “Lady in Love”

Skin: Glam Affair – Gio” /light 07

Sexy in green with Vero Modero

The super cute “Yaz Set” in green dresses you perfect for the fall season. The combination of green,orange and beige brings a wonderful difference in the more and more grey days. The jeans are in a beautiful light tone and make a great contrast to the rest of the outfit. A total eye catcher is the huge ruffle collar that lays so perfectly on your chest and makes a very sexy cleavage. The back view as well is very sexy with a need back neckline :) The wonderful bracelets are as well part of the outfit.


Outfit: Vero Modero – “Yaz Set” /green

Hair: Baiastice – “Billy” /blonde

Skin: Glam Affair – “Gio” /light 01

Shoes: Maitreya – “Soho Boots”

Earrings: Mandala – “Sinra”

Purple Moon’s Nostalgic PinkTiki

There’s something to be said for a gown that transports you through the portals of time. The PinkTiki dress by Purple Moon does just that with its slight nod to Old Hollywood. It’s hard not to feel like a screen siren when enveloped in its hourglass silhouette with flower accents adorning the top of a thigh-high slit. The strapless cut allows you to match it with dazzling jewelry while the floral fascinator gives that extra touch of class. Return to the glory days of the silver screen by picking up this dress from Purple Moon now!


You must remember this...


A sigh is but a sigh...


As time goes by...

Groovin’ Styles from VELVETRYTHMS – In the 70s

I have to admit when I first saw this outfit it brought back memories. Ok I am NOT that old but I do remember enjoying the sounds of the 70′s whether it was groovy early 70s sounds of Southern California to the Dazzling Disco Days of the late 70s at Studio 54 in NYC. That was a great era, with great music and far-out fashion!  The decade may be long gone but without a doubt not forgotten!!

Velvetori Twine, designer for Velvetrythms takes you back to that great decade with her “In the 70s” outfit – it’s got a groovy look from that great decade that looks fashion forward for today. Not only do I love this look but I always appreciate it when the designer gives you several great options to style with one outfit. This fun outfit is perfect for Saturday afternoon at the BBQ Block Party and with a few additions you’re ready to go dancing the night away with your friends at SL’s hottest nightclubs.

In the 70's Daytime Look Close-up Of Tank Top - Velvetrythms

I always like to show several looks and my first is a great afternoon style using just the blue knit tanktop with off-the shoulder sleeves along with the white embroidered jeans. Use a sleek hairstyle to keep this look, simple & stylish for any afternoon gathering. I included a closeup of the top which has a lovely style of handknit wool, which keeps the top a sexy addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Ms. Twine finishes off the outfit with a sexy pair of hip-hugging white jeans that have fanciful embroidering.  This is an outfit that will have people asking “Why Can’t We Be Friends?”

But maybe you’re ready for a night of dancing at the hottest clubs. In the 70s outfit also includes a pair of black jeans with the same fun embroidering. Add to the top is a gorgeous long sweater that starts off a black knit with white pipping trim and stretches out to blue peacock feathering at the end.  I gave myself a bit messier hairstyle and switched to black fringe ankle boots to complete this look.   This is an outfit that will move with your moves on the dance floor and people will want to know “Who’s that Lady”

The outfit is Velvetrythm’s In the 70s by designer Velvetori Twine. Your purchase includes 2 pair of jeans, the blue tank top and the long sweater/feather vests.

In the 70's Evening Look - Velvetrythms

To complete the look I’m wearing:



  • VELVETRYTHMS  – In the 70′s – Switched to Plum Hippy Jeans, Blue Lanzi Top and Black Vest
  • Virtual Impressions - Lynne Boots in Black
  • [LeLutka]-IFEpale – Skin and AMANDA 2 hair – SummerTime

Mmm Mmm MMmm Mea Culpa ~

We all know what those sweet words do to us “Mea Culpa” and “New Release”  Anyone whos anyone is rushing down to gaze and ahh over the fabulous designs of Mea Culpas own Tatanka Kaligawa.  One of his newest creations is Time Warp. A delectable design that swirls and merges into the depths of this intriguing design.

The metallic inlay waves into delicate ripples forming a transporting you into another dimension of space and time. Glimmering silver metals twists and swirl forming a bodice sweeping out at the hips in dual spears that fall to each side of the hips.

 A form fitting gown flaring at the waistline and hemline produce an exquisite design that could easily pass for a two piece couture set or a single beautiful gown.  So versatile yet something that needs no introduction with its ‘wow’ factor.

The sexy bodice is finished beautifully with sculpted arm pads that form a unique style of geometrical sleeves.  The neckline of the outfit is finished in a spectacular metal collar that shines like no other metallic texture I have seen in SL.

Also included in this design is an option head piece.  This, much like the gown is simply breath taking.  A warrior style helmet, the head piece fits perfectly over any hair style so you are sure to win  any battle when it comes to beauty.

With or without the hat, to the left to