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New from Nikita



The other day i was sent a folder of goodies designed by Nikita Fride Designer. Now in that folder was a nice selection of her new skins, hair and of course clothing. She certainly has been busy.

The hair above is [Nikita] Cute & NightOwl Hair on the left is [NikitaFride] Bright Cute Hair – Blackout and the right is [NikitaFride] Bright Night Owl Hair – Chantilly. you do have the option to wear the bright or cute version of the hair. The clothes are the new [NikitaFride] November Rain Outfit which has a selection of jumper sets in colours ranging from pink to green. You can 8 colours to choose from and you get a pair of black trousers and jacket. The skin is the new [NikitaFride] Snow Skins which comes in natural and red lips.

To check out the new releases and other offers at Nikita Fride Designer click here. Also if you a member of the group you may be lucky to get the chairs with your letter on, for those nice freebies. But of course only if your really lucky :D

Darkness falls on Second life

As the winter closes in and the sun sets, the creatures of the night stir. I’m one of them tonight, strolling the dark alleyways in search of my next feed and my lost love. What do i wear on my travels ‘! RFyre Tangled II ‘ for the dark Gothic lady. My skin (MIASNOW Skin – LOLLI BLOODY PLEASURE 5), is pale stained with my tears and the blood from my victims. Its longing for the sunshine to bring it to life but no more since that fateful day.

No one said a vampire had to look a mess, even in death i seek well refined clothes and as i sneak in the shadows i head to RFyre, a store i often visited when i was mortal. No crowds to bother me at this time, only i walk the rooms, wandering and imaging the past social scene i once frequented. But times change and new experiences await me. I must return to my resting place, a cool but warming mausoleum to rest until until night fall.

As i rest, i hear the moans of my zombie cousins and idealy think of what it would be like to be one of them. In my old life my closets were fill to overflowing with designs from  designers to many to mention, but one  was always a favorite. It was ‘SAS – Wicked Swan Formal’ so i dream about my old love and  the parties we used to go to. As my dreams seep into what used to be reality, i see myself as a zombie, my green mottled skin (MIASNOW Skin – ZOMBINA heart breaker) contrasts against my gown. My gown, is a black with velvet patterning and sparkling sequins. Its flow into a full skirt with bustle and train, and was perfect in  my day.

But life was fun back then, but I’m now alone searching for one that was lost. I stand many a night standing at the waters edge  waiting for his return.  He never comes, the waters took him many a year ago, but i hope one day he will return. And now my thought are silents…….


Clothes from

Sascha’s Designs




Shoes and hair  from

Miamai Predatorix Black Shoes

Nikita Fride Designer

Halloween at Nikita Fride!

Halloween is my favorite time of the year and at Nikita fride she has some amazing creations to take you through all the holiday fun!

First up Is Nikita’s Feline Halloween Outfit (everything in the photo is included)

Yes you get all that you see!

The sexy clothes include, pants, showing gstring, hat, hair, pants, boots, belt, jacket and top. Included is the skin and lashes to complete this sexy halloween look!

I just love this outfit!

The back view is just as super sexy as the front!

Up next The Midnight Dress and Goth Skin

The hat is spectacular with buckles and silver and the deep purple hair is attached. The lashes are to die for as all of her lashes are.

Long as sleep the hair is.. and the decolletage is draped to scoop along your curves. The lace patterned skirt is darkly feminine.

OOooooo the boots.. Perfect for those gothic encounters!

Love the spiderwebs!

Make sure this Halloween (and every time you want something fantasy or unique) you stop by Nikita Fride Main Store..theres so much for everyone!

Nikita Fride Main Store:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nikita%20Fride/71/128/31

Angel Dessous Madeleine

Today i blog a outfit from Angel Dessous ‘Madeleine’. It hints a style and cultural influence of Indian so that’s how i styled up the outfit.

‘Madeleine’ Gives you  many options in the package form lingerie to a trouser outfit to a skirt with top and unlimited combinations between them.

Yes I’m outside sunning myself in the sun in my undies, but with undies like this why hid indoors. They are a stunning rich burgundy brown,  gold rose embellishments and rich gold lace trimming.

Like the bra and undies set, the corset and skirt also has the same rich golds and rose embellishment. The flared mini skirt is trim at the waist with the gold lace as seen in the bra. There are also a selection of stockings and tights if you feel the need to accessorised or be creative with your look.

Finaly the trousers, slim cut with added embellishment running down the thighs and the sides of the legs. I added them to the bra and the corset to complete this look. ‘Madeleine’ is certainly a worthy purchase. The combinations and different looks will allow you to be unique. Add western or Asian accessorise and then you can create even more styles.

If you want to see more of Angel Dessous designers, click the link



Jewellery- Mashooka

Eyelashes- Nikita Fride Designs

Eyes-moJo – Body Boutique

Skin- Belleza

New Stuff at Nikita Fride…

I adore Nikita Fride. When I want something unusual and eye catching she is a sure favorite.  I have lots of New Goodies to show you today so lets get going!

This whole look is new at Nikita Fride. Let’s start with the awesome hair called Dream. The color im wearing here is called chantilly. A cute sexy playful pony tail with wrappings around the tail. The skin I am wearing is also new its called Disco skin in natural. The amazing outfit is called Rain Set. A sexy top , great jeans but the denim rain jacket is just OMG. The detail is spectacular. Several sculpted pieces and look at the detailed stitching!.  SO much detail even down to the lace edging at the hem.

Let’s have a look at some new hairs just released at the main store. This is Gothic Princess. Comes inn bright or normal and this cute little black crown is built right in. Perfect for those of you that live outside of the perfectly coiffed box!.

New Hair at Nikita Fride- Gothic Princess

Next up we have something for the mermaids or mermaid lovers out there. Yemaya Hair . Shells , netting, pearls, starfish, seahorses and lots of nautical wonders can be found in this sexy surfy mane. Paired with the new Asian skin from Nikita Fride it really is makin waves. (And I heart the little mouth fish that comes with it as an attachment).

Head over to Nikita Fride main store and pick up these new beauties as well as so much more!. When the ordinary just wont do.. Thank god theres Nikita!

New Yemaya Mermaid hair from Nikita Fride

Nikita Fride Main Store: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Nikita%20Fride/88/103/31