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New from Nikita



The other day i was sent a folder of goodies designed by Nikita Fride Designer. Now in that folder was a nice selection of her new skins, hair and of course clothing. She certainly has been busy.

The hair above is [Nikita] Cute & NightOwl Hair on the left is [NikitaFride] Bright Cute Hair – Blackout and the right is [NikitaFride] Bright Night Owl Hair – Chantilly. you do have the option to wear the bright or cute version of the hair. The clothes are the new [NikitaFride] November Rain Outfit which has a selection of jumper sets in colours ranging from pink to green. You can 8 colours to choose from and you get a pair of black trousers and jacket. The skin is the new [NikitaFride] Snow Skins which comes in natural and red lips.

To check out the new releases and other offers at Nikita Fride Designer click here. Also if you a member of the group you may be lucky to get the chairs with your letter on, for those nice freebies. But of course only if your really lucky :D