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The Ascension of Silver – NV Corsetry Brittainy Collins

When I first saw this gown i was stunned.. truly breathtaking in its form and detail not to mention the possiblities.. The Ascension of Silver was first premiered at the Avenue Cinque Pure show. The simplicity hides the complexity of detail and structure giving it an elegance that is simple mystical. I have decided to show a more casual form of this outfit in order to draw the idea to the detailing on the corset and pants. Enjoy!



New release from Vero Modero

ADILE UNI GOWN is truly a sexy number from Vero Modero. Close fitted lace bodice with very daringly low neckline and back. The lace detail on the bodice is certainly eye catching.

The skirt is made up of layers of highly detailed lace that matches the bodice. It even comes with a pair of delicate undies and matching fingerless gloves.

Its finishing detail is sculptured lace bolero, Together it makes one very attractive and a must have for ladies who wish to impress.

Why not take a trip to Vero Modero Store and check out more of the delights of the new Fall 2011 range, Haleem for the guys and Harika Cabaret for the ladies.

Details of other designers

Fab new skin release Danielle from Deesse’s Skins

Earrings and ring from Morantique Lush

Hair from Baiastice

Shoes from N-core