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Opiu Evolution Presents… Utopia..

Join us this Sunday, September 30 for two fabulous shows. 12pm (noon) slt and 3pm slt. 9 stellar Designers…20 models and ambiance that will transporty ou into another world.. A world where anything goes.

The Dead End is Just the Spot For Halloween!

Venus Flytrap, the genuis designer behind the Ghost Avatars of The Dead End just sent me some newness , right in time for Halloween.

I had to give you a peek at her new Male Ghosts. They were created for..and will be featured in Opium Fashion Ageny’s Opium Tales- The Haunted Mansion. So without any further ado..lets show this amazinly realistic new line of handsome haunts.

Ghost Grandpa From The Dead End


Ghost Manson From The Dead End


Ghost Michael From The Dead End


As you can asee each avatar is complete with hair, clothing ,shoes and even an Ao. You can use it to dance and sit on any poseball and it also comes with a NPC that will enable to, when used, move through people and walls.

Ghost Robert From The Dead End


Ghost Rock From The Dead End


These details are so stellar and realistic you will be amazed. Highly affordable as well, these halloween haunts are waiting to make your SL festivities the scariest yet!.

Watch for the next post with the Newest Female Ghost Avatars. Soon to Come.

Make sure you swing by The Dead End and tell Venus Opium said Hi!

The Dead End Main Store:


GizzA Miami Fashion Week Preview

One of the grand things about Gizza is that its rather like a trip to a vintage clothing store. You never know what you are going to find there, but you know its going to be something interesting.

The textures are rich, the colors are vibrant and the styles are not something you are going to see on every virtual street.

Designed by Giz Seorn, Gizza fashions are a delight to fit and to photograph. Each prim attachment comes with a resizing script so even the most clumsy fashionista can easily get a perfect fit.

The GizzA show will be held Friday July 22nd at 4pm during Miami Fashion Week. If you can’t wait till then to see more, check out the Inworld Store or shop lag free at the Marketplace.

If Vegas was a Tux…

Enzo Champagne and his company CHAMPAGNE! sparkling fashion will never be accused of making fashions that are boring.  Sparkle and glitz is the name of the game when it comes to this dramatic fellows’ work.

His newest release for men called  “Glamour” suits its name perfectly and it glitters worthy of a Vegas show. The multi textured mix of  black sequins, shiny leather pants, lace masking,  diamond falls and a tailored jacket combine into a tux that is bound to be a one of a kind stand out at any event.

The lace mask adds a very seductive, mysterious touch to this outfit  and really is fun to play with photographically as it frames the eyes very well.  The diamond falls are flexi, they move  and sparkle constantly, adding a very rich look to the leather pants.

The collar, bow tie and lapels are all bound together in one re-sizable part and they are clearly made for larger sized avatars. Being of a slim build, this was a bit of a problem and it took some work  to get the neck to fit even close to properly. However if you are seeking something different in your Tux wardrobe, it is well worth the effort it will take.

I truely liked this outfit. It has the potential to mix and match well with other items and is distintive enough on it own to be very memorable. I look forward to seeing what Mr. Champagne will do next.

Enzo Champagne’s work   can be found inworld here. 

CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion

Drop into there today and see what glitters.

(By the way, it was Enzo’s Rezday this week so if you see him, send cake)