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One of the most erotic and sensual pieces of lingerie you could buy yourself is a corset. However, nice corsets in-world are a bit of a rarity. Most that I’ve come across come on layers (jacket, shirt, etc). The corsets from NV Corsetry, however, are attachments that you can adjust to your shape with a simple resize script. Some may be a bit intimidated when it comes to resizing.  They’re either afraid they’ll warp their new purchase into a big mess, but trust me…if I can do it, you definitely can. Just make a copy before you start (just in case!)

I really liked the corset with the “pink skully” design.  It has an EGL/vintage feel to it. When resizing it, I decided to keep it a bit on the longer side, which is part of the beauty of this corset. You can adjust it to fit the look of any outfit you happen to be wearing. The hot pink color demands attention when you enter a room. I paired the look with accessories from Lolapop! – the hat and jewelry really compliment not only the corset, but the outfit as a whole.


Skully Pink


I like well-designed back portions of outfits, and this one does not disappoint. I really like the laces and bow.


Gratuitous back shot.


The winter nights are cold, so why not make things red hot with this little number? You won’t need to turn the thermostat up when you’re wearing this.


Just hangin' around in my corset :)

Visit NV Corsetry today.


-Clothing/Lingerie: NV Corsetry
-Skin & makeup: Pink Fuel
-Hair: Tram
-Jewelry & hat: Lolapop!
-Poses: *EverGlow*

Beyonce = Hotness.

Lingerie. Pretty girls. Who doesn’t like both of those? If you’re a pretty girl/hot lingerie lover, be sure to earmark August 20th & 21st on your calendar for Opium Fashion Agency’s Erotica show! You won’t be disappointed, trust me!

The lingerie I’m spotlighting is from Beyonce, which will take part in the aforementioned next installment of Opium Tales’ ‘Erotica’ show. Sensual, sexy and classy. That’s the kind of lingerie I like and that’s what Beyonce delivers. I accessorized with Haus of Darcy’s newest release – Fallen, which is a dark and lovely necklace as well as an old group gift (the earrings) from them. They give my outfit a bit of an edge, don’t you think? I paired my look with some classic black patent leather boots from Bax Coen. Tres bien, non?

My next Beyonce lingerie set is a bra & panty combo. Simple, yet alluring. I decided to keep on my trusty Bax boots and toss on some cool jewelry that I picked up from Lolapop! The hat/choker/bracelets combo are Lolapop!’s items for the Thrifty Goth “Gother Than Thou” hunt. Just look for the skull!

I’m wearing the new skin release from Tuli, called ‘Audrey’. What’s really cool is that it comes with all sorts of makeup layer tattoos (lipsticks, eyelashes, cleavage). It’s a brand new face and it is just gorgeous! If you’re a member of the in-world Tuli group ($250L to join but more than worth it), be sure to scoop up the group gift at her main store location! The hair I’m wearing in my pictures is a new release from fri.day – one of my favorite hair stores!

-Skin: Tuli
-Hair: fri.day
-Lingerie: Beyonce
-Jewelry: (pic#1) Haus of Darcy & (pics#2&3) Lolapop!
-Boots: Bax Coen
-Poses: *EverGlow* & Reel Expression

Blue Blood & Lolapop! for Etheria

Sometimes there are ideas that are utterly brilliant. Peanut butter + jelly. Burgers + fries. Clothing designers + jewelry designers. As much as I love PB&J sandwiches & burgers and fries…I’m gonna do a blogpost on clothing & jewelry designers. Hmm…but a blogpost on the art of a beautiful sandwich and/or burger would be great too!

Before I start getting hungry again, I’ll start the picture show.

I feel like the above picture should be named ‘ghost rider’. LOL! I hopped over to Blue Blood’s main store, then I started messing with my windlight settings and noticed how beautifully eerie the carousel was, so I had to hop on and take a picture!

You might be asking yourself: “what exactly is this ‘Etheria’ that Pumpkin mentioned?” Well, it’s a fashion event/project of sorts. A select few clothing designers and jewelry designers were picked and paired off with one rule: make an item or itemS that compliment each other. So, they did. One of the pairs is Blue Blood (Ghanima Uriza) and Lolapop! (Lola79 Hienrichs). They’ve created a cute, Lolitaesque outfit for the event. I normally don’t wear gothic/Lolita clothing, but sometimes…an outfit or dress (think: Katat0nik, The Black Canary, Blue Blood, Silent Sparrow, etc) that comes out…and you just want to run and/or skip around the grid like a Lolita.

I TP’d to Lolapop!’s main store and was greeted by Lola, lounging around like a gothic bathing beauty. Not in the sun, of course, because she prefers to stay pale, but in the safety of her store’s porch.

Here’s a close up shot of her necklace & earrings. Her jewelry set also includes bracelets. :) I decided to go with a Pink Fuel skin because when I think of Lolitas, I think of Pink Fuel! Appropriately enough, the Lolapop! jewelry I’m wearing is pink. The sets also come in black, purple & red.

-Skin: Pink Fuel
-Hair: lamb.
-Dress: Blue Blood
-Jewelry: Lolapop!
-Boots: J’s
-Poses: Lazy Places

Boom Boom POW!

Yes, I *am* listening to the Black Eyed Peas right now, thank you very much! It’s summer, that calls for sexy clothes and head-bobbing music!

*BOOM* recently released some really cute bikinis just in time for the hot, hot weather! The bikinis are sexy, fun and really colorful (so you’ll be sure to catch all of the cute boys eyes when you’re wearing their bikinis!) which is what I look for when I go shopping for a bathing suit. So, if you’re looking for a new bikini, definitely check out *BOOM* — you won’t be disappointed.

The bikinis come with several styles: halter & traditional bikini top and boy shorts, thong and two variations of the traditional bikini bottom.

Warning: Pumpkin booty ahead.

Below, I’m showing one of the variations of the traditional bikini bottom (left) and the boy shorts (right).

Again, more booty shots. From left, the thong. On the right is the other tradtional bottom.

Okay, now on to more cuteness. I recently went to booN after realizing that I hadn’t been there in ages. I was really happy when I TP’d there and saw that not only had they added more hair, but that they’ve expanded and started up a clothing brand called SAIKIN, which has both male and female clothing. I was also happy that they have an in-world group. If you join it, you can grab these great group gifts in their notices: jumpers! They have both short and long options. They’re really cute!

Yes, this is my house. For your information: the broken mirror is from + blacklisted + and the awesome bed is from Mudhoney. The open book isn’t included with the bed.

While I was at SAIKIN, I grabbed some pretty $10L bangles (scroll up and check ‘em out on the second picture) as well as this cute, flowy dress. I decided to pair it with this lovely choker from Lolapop! that’s going to be available at the upcoming Etheria – which is going to be really cool. Some awesome jewelry designers pair up with awesome clothing designers and make equally awesome outfits & jewelry combos! As I mentioned, Lolapop! is taking part in this, as well as Blue Blood, Caroline’s, Evie’s Closet, among others. It starts June 13th, so be sure to check it out!

-Skin: Dekade (formerly KA Designs)
-Hair: (pics#1&2, 5&6) booN & (pic#7) I Love Olive
-Bikinis: *BOOM*
-Jumpers, dress & bangles: *+SAIKIN
-Choker: Lolapop!
-Ring: Caroline’s
-Shoes: Sand Shack Surf Co.
-Poses: *EverGlow* & fri.day (big sale until the 13th!)