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Strip’d and Purple Moon

Stripd35 stripd34When I first saw this Mesh top named Desiree from designer Valentine Rexen  of Strip’d I just had to have it.This top  was fun and cute and screamed to me 80′s all the way.Paired with one of Purple Moon’s creator Poulet Koenkamp New Mesh Pencil skirt Break Skirt in black it’s just a great ensemble together.

You should really check out both of these fabulous stores they  have so much to offer and all items are high on quality and detail.


Top-Strip’d Fashion by Valentine Rexen:Desiree

Skirt-Purple Moon by Poulet Koenkamp:Black Break Skirt

Collar-Moyet by 577.moyet:Spiked Collar

Diamond Wrist Cuffs-Injected  by Lanna Pixelmaid:Diamond Multiples

Boots-J’s by JB Gazov:Studded Long Boots



Step Out Into The Night If You Dare!!

Step out into the night if you dare for legend tells of a beautiful yet deadly creature who lays in wait for lost souls. Her heart is cold as ice, unforgiving, without living thought. One look into her cold dark eyes and you will be hers. She’ll take the last living breath from you and turn you to a beast of the night. Damned to serve her will and walk by her side for an eternity of darkness.

There is but one chance to survive for a place exists where its deemed safe to look upon this evil being. There you will find a gathering of untold terror.. The Carnival Of The Damned is its true name. Where beauty will rise from evil and walk through the shadows. This will happen only twice.. On 29th October at 6pm SL time and 30th October at noon SL Time. After this time your fate is in the cold hands of evil… Do you dare to risk it!!

Carnival Of the Damned - House Of Rfyre - Tempyst

For those who are faint of heart, who’s feet dare not step through the shadows. The Carnival Of The Damned will be streamed live via the web in all its evil glory at the same time as it happens inworld…. Wait and watch for a sign

:: Details::
The wonderful designs used to create this beautiful and deadly creatures outfit are from Rfyre’s Tempyst more of which will be featured in the up and coming show… simply drop DEAD gorgeous don’t you think?

Gotholita skin by Garded Secrets
Demon Hair by DarkerSide
Long Black Nails by Candy Nails
Ipos Lashes by The Obscene

Major Stands Out From The Crowd

Let me introduce another fantastic outfit from Meghindo Romanos Fall Collection. “ Major” a black leather jacket teamed with a simply styled but very sexy short dress in nude . Worn with a black belt, leather cut-out gloves and a pair of classy “Bianca“platform pumps. Or for an alternative look a pair of tight thigh high “Mortal” boots. Add a touch of Meghindos original styling and this outfit becomes one of a kind.

Meghindos - Major - Pic1

For me Meghindo Romanos wonderful detailed leather texture work makes both jacket and boots the statement pieces, Unique shaped jacket sleeves and spiked collar prim creates a fashion look that is a delight to see and makes this outfit definitely stands out from the crowd.

Meghindos - Major - Pic2

If you are looking for originality Meghindos is the store to visit

Take a limo to Meghindos

:: Details::
Hair – Kin
Skin – Glam Affair
Earrings – +Plus
Poses – Long Akward Poses
Model & Photographer – Avona Ryba

Such Questions…Naughty or Nice, Leather or Lace?

Jenni Eros of Aphrodite has our answer for us… how about BOTH! The easy answer to any hot night question ‘all of the above’ and this new dress Leather and Lace is simply stunning. The sexy sultry feel of leather is one that has always raised an eye. This dress does just that.  A perfectly fitted bodice held together by three large buckles forms a strong hold that will make anyone feel confident.  A small lace ruffle lines the neckline adding that soft touch to the tough leather look.

A lovely contoured waistline immediately flairs out changing that tough leather look with an intricately designed lace over skirt. This light flowing skirt moves with you each step of the way as if you were walking in a soft summer breeze. The detail in the lace texture is so beautifully designed, you can easily see each cross over in the design.

A scalloped hemline tops off this sassy and sexy look that is perfect for any night out on the town.  A perfect answer to those ‘what should I wear’ evenings. Make sure you stop by the APHRODITE  Main Store to check out this and many other designs by the talented Jenni Eros.



Not breezy cotton separatesfor everyone this summer…

Raven Pennyfeather of he House of Rfyre has gone to the essence of the leather/RPG/party scene creating the mens collection Temptor. We don’t know if anyone saw True Blood’s “were-bar” scene…but you’d rule in this look. You’re a bit conservative? Over the top? Your look is there. I’m going full tilt (that’s just me), but the collection has so many variations it suits, well…whateve need is.

All her collections have separates that can work with other clothes to add needed danger to your basic jean or black pant.  Any man, whatever his persuasion can find his level of “leatherness” within this collection with all its options.

Rfyre owns a special niche of couture reserved for designers who have, eh-hem (what’s in the codpiece) to create sexuality with style and dignity. The detailing has the couturier hand, fine, original, detail. And a style sensibility being embraced by some of he oldest, and most prestigious fashion houses now.

Please note there is an equally fierce womens version, Tempyst.



RFyre Tempyst Womens Black Leather Chaps are super sexy and are very versatile with 3 ways to wear this outfit.

This ultra sexy, extremely low cut corset fits like a glove.  The chaps have fun fringe on the sides.  Even the gloves are sexy in this outfit!

Two versions of the chaps have a peek a boo back and there’s a thong included when you don’t feel like being so daring!

Another version of the RFyre Tempyst Womens Black Leather Chaps has this hot leather corset that is cut higher then the other for the more modest girl.

and finally the third version of RFyre Tempyst Womens Black Leather Chaps has a low cut leather shirt and full cover bottom in these leather chaps.  Hat & Boots are not included.