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Spring Is In The Air- New From Indyra Originals

Indyra Originals is one of my long time favorite stores. Every design is full of detail, intruige and plenty of sex appeal. But don’t take it from me, let’s have a peek!

What do we have here? So many beautiful new items. Starting with that gorgeous necklace called, Ibiza Chains. Stunning as is hugs your neck and adds a feminine flair. The bag is to die for called Marina, it comes in several styles but the one I chose to wear is called the Marina Basic Hold Noir. I love the little details on the faux leather texture. So realistic. Lets see some more photos.

This sexy new outfit is called La Isla. It come sin 5 stunning hues but the one I’ve pictured here is called Cockatoo. I love the batik styling of this set. The sexy black crop accentuates all the right spots as the flowing skirt hangs low to show off those hips!.

I love the floor sweeping lace scalloped hemline of the skirt. Just the right mix of sexy, fun and feminine. Let’s have a closer look at those fabulous new shoes too!

The shoes are a summery sexy open toed wedge heel. They come with a hud as well to change many aspects. The ankle is wraped with dalring bows and I just love the buckle detail.


Stop by Indrya Originals Main Store today to pick up these and many other beautiful Spring designs, fresh off the mind of the fabulous designer, Indyra Seigo and tell her Opium sent you!



Indyra Originals @ Miami Fashion Week – Sneak Preview


Indyra Originals will be participating at the upcoming Miami Fashion Week which begins tomorrow! Here is a sneak peek at some of the outfits you will see there. Indyra Originals has a unique style that will set you apart from the crowd. Be bold, be fashion, be original! The first outfit is Nymphette in Oyster. This romantic inspired design features a laced corset adorned with roses at the bust line and a floaty skirt in long or short versions. To complete the look it also comes with a trio of roses to adorn your hair.


The next outfit is Catalan in Milk. This outfit includes detailed jeans with gold buttons on the cuffs and a very chic one shouldered top that features ruffles on the sleeve and bust as well as a prim lower that has a cute gold ribbon attached. This outfit screams fashionista. I have accessorized it with Indy&Co’s gold Snakeskin Clutch and their gold multi-strand Chablis Necklace. To finish off the entire ensemble I am wearing Coquette Noir Shoes’ Chablis Sandals in gold.


The third outfit is totally cute and sexy with a touch of retro flair. The Catrice dress in red looks like it came right out of Liz Taylor’s closet. The red and white polka dot halter bodice comes with optional ruffles and there are several skirt options available, with or without the patent croc skin belt. The bow trimmed kid gloves polish off this dress picture perfect.

La Capitaine

I saved the best for last. This outfit is my favorite, it is so ME! La Capitaine in Daffodil is cute, fun, modern and retro all at the same time. It is full of denim and lace goodness. The bodice features satin trim and the bouffant skirt with petticoat is so fluffy and fun and comes with an optional bow tied belt. The Kidskin gloves in offwhite just add to the look of this outfit. It is complete with a denim jacket with a rose corsage. This outfit says Sunday picnic with pizzazz.

Don’t forget to check out Indyra Originals tomorrow at Miami Fashion Week, and definitely check out their main store to grab these and many other FABULOUS designs.

Indyra Originals Gives Us.. Marquise..

Indyra Originals.. The very name exudes sex appeal, confidence and quality. Indyra Seigo’s attention to details is one of the many reasons I adore her designs.  But don’t take my word for it.. lets show you exactly what I’m speaking of.

Starting from the top of this amazing creation, the Shoulder ruffle adds drama and a touch of romance. The red and black plaid textures give off a soft silken sheen as the sculpted shoulder pads in glossy black add flair. Details details details!. There is a wonderful gem adorned chain that flows from the shoulder across the back to the other side.

The bodice is a quilted satin in black that hugs your curves, highlighting the low cut cleavage that is a perfect mix with the dramatic top and flouncing romance of the short plaid skirt.

Add a detailed matching and amazing wrist length gloves and the combination is a 100% Must Have for any SL fashionista.

Let’s not stop here though.. Indyra took it one level higher and added a Marquise II, in pants form. Marquise II has the flair and beauty of it’s sister Marquise, but with a few wonderful changes.

A second shoulder ruffle was added to the pant suit, a different, yet still wonderful belt added as well as long sleek wide legged pants with sculpted hems.

The back still looks just as sexy as the front ensuring that either side is *your best side*.

A sure stop on your holiday shopping list is Indyra Originals. You can find both of these amazing designs as well as so many more!.  The more you look the more you will begin to see just why Indyra Originals is one of my long standing favorite stores in SL.

Indyra Originals Main Store: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Namaste%20Isle/189/127/28

Nikka Rocks!- New at Indyra Originals

I’ve long since been a huge fan of Indyra Originals.  Designer Indyra Seigo always creates the most fabulous creations.  From the textures to the so important little details. I always feel like I stand out in a crowd when i’m wearing her attire.  I absolutely love her new release, Nikka.

The above photo is Nikka in Oyster, But lets have a look at the other hues this fabulous release has for you.

Pictured here is Nikka in Chinese Liquor. So decadent. The jacket has high sculpted shoulders, with fine details of sexy golden grommets lining the lapels and cuffs. A sexy belt wraps around your waist and the flounce of the fun flirty skirt moves beautifully. A low cut decolletage offers a hint of some flesh as the short hemline shows off your long legs.  Mmm Sexy indeed.

Here is Nikka in Tuxedo. The small detailings on the belt add flair and drama to this couture creation.

Nikka in coral appeals to your romantic side adding an air of softness while still screaming *I’m here! *..

Make sure you drop into Indyra Originals Main Store to purchase this and have a look at allof her amazing designs. You too, will become a huge fan. Your SL closet will love you for it.  If you see Indyra,  tell her Opium sent ya. :)

Indyra Originals Main Store: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Namaste%20Isle/189/127/28

Clothing:  Indyra Originals

Hair: Tukinowaguma

Aston Martin Car:  Octane

Poses used in this blog can be found in the POE3 Hunt from Poseys.