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A stunning new Autumn Collection by the talented designers at Violator, Soraya Vaher unveils the breathtaking remake of the The Black Swan Theory this time, the Gold Edition …Always known for detail, this gown is one that has always topped the charts.  In Gold it is no different.

A beautiful swirling mix of golden showers, animal print, and flexible prims encasing to form a stunning gown for any event.  The metallic golden sash is a personal favorite touch.  The textures and build of this is so real you start wondering just how many of the gold bars that it took to build this??




An awesome autumn edition to the Violator line this gown is in itself but if you know Soraya you know it doesn’t stop there.  This design comes with hair and makeup!  Shown here the Violator-I See You II-Eyelashes and Makeup are a great match to The Black Swan gown in Gold.  The hair is Violators Bird of Prey in Black.  To finish off the look in perfect avant garde fashion, Violators Scream of the Raptor shoes.

Available at the tp point, this is one gown you MUST have in your closet for those special occassions that are adding up on the social calendar for this fall.


See you at Violator!  Your Limo is here




Violator at the Jewelry Fair~

If you haven’t been yet you have to get to the fair!  One of my favorite times of the year are the fairs, be it hair, poses or in this case JEWELRY!! A girl can never have too much, or can she? *tucks away her inventory for a later discussion*  No definitely you can NEVER have too many diamonds!  Well one of Second Lifes finest is of course involved at this years fair, Mrs Soraya Vaher of Violator.  I had the opportunity to take a peek at some of her newest designs.  This lady has talent, and boy is it busting at the seams.

WAR is just one of the new haute designs… Simply stunning, an abstract array of spikes fitted perfectly to form earrings, and a matching set of shoulder pads.  The choker is an intricate design that coils around your neck with a drop down spike forming a cross on the torso.  Shown with Violators new Dirty Rich Hair in Chocolate, matching I See You II-Eyelashes and makeup in black.

Next is the jewelry set called Jesus Is Lady.  A dual crown befitting any beauty queen, gold or platinum spikes adorn this intricate design.  Spiked earrings and collar match accordingly and although a bit of a ‘sharp point’  this could add a softness to a beautiful Avant Garde fashion.  Simply breath taking.

One last sneak peak for now that I got hint of from the lovely Violator collection is another hair.  Called HACK, the hair attachment shown here in chocolate comes with two different options.  One with the glowing face shield for those  new age designs we all seem to be styling these days or for a softer step onto the runway you can wear it without the face shield.

Now enough blogging~ Lets get to the Jewelry FAIR!!! See you there

Fair:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Jewelry%20Fair%20Fire/13/14/771

Main store:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Violator%20HQ/117/117/22


It’s sooo hot here and I thought I’d take the opportunity to show off some of my fave swimsuits and bikinies  - for me to cool down and hopefully you to heat up lol. Some are new and some are classics but get a new life with new styling, so please enjoy. The suit in the pic above is from Angel Dessosus, a beautiful leopard print retro swimsuit with the classic low leg cut and belt. One of my fave suits, my love for animal print is well known.

Hair: Lelutka Skin: Dutch Touch Jewellery: deiTY Henna tattos: HUZ tattoo Pose: Miamai

Another of Angel Dessosus’ 2011 releases – what is known as a monokini – a classic 70ties hit that’s become ultra popular again. I fell in love with the monokini as a little girl when i saw photos of Raquel Welch sporting some of these and this yellow and olive model with sprakle prints is perfect for a deep summer tan.

Hair: Donna Flora Skin: Glance Earrings: deiTY Nails: PixelFashion Pose: Miamai Baskets on the ground are mystery hunt items from Captain’s Quarters (*chanimations.

From left: Another monokini, this one from Bijou in gold with bandau top and lowcut 70-ties bottoms. Next is an 80-ties swimsuit, also from Bijou – cut classically high on the hip, with a sexy plunging neckline and wide belt with huge gold buckle. Trashionistas everywhere would love to pair this with high heels and flashy designer bag – I have chosen to flash my tattos and pale complexion and a mane of wild raven hair – who says you gotta be tanned to look good on the beach? I was unable to tp to Bijou while writing this – if you cannot find Bijou, just use the photos as an inspiration, theres so many awsome swimsuits of this type around and I’m sure you will find one that just screams “you” someplace.  Last pic is a classic bikini from Zaara – in beautiful golden colours, the texture reminding me of asian batik – so simple and so sexy.

Pic 1. Skin: Glance Hair: Mau’s & Mej’s Earrings: deiTY Nails: PixelFashion Pose: EverGlow Pic 2. Skin: Redgrave Hair: Analog Dog Bracelet and pose: deiTY Pic 3. Skin: Lelutka Hair: LoQ Jewellery: Zaara Pose: Miamai

I kinda fell for this goth girl look for the beach, it’s so unusual and striking – I just got to remember to bring my sunlotion with total sunblock so I can stay this pale all summer long. The gold bikini with wicked cutouts  is a vintage piece from Bijou which sadly just as i was posting this was unable to reach the store for a SLURL.

Hair: Analog Dog Skin: Redgrave Necklace and pose from deiTY

These last two swimsuits are two of my favourites, I love pinupgirl fashion and I think these two capture the essence of the fifties perfectly, each in it’s own way. On the left “Sabina” – artilleri’s polkadot number comes in a variety of colour combinations, has a nice halter style tie top and ruched panel at the front. To the right is “Marylin” which is an Angel Dessous vintage style strapless one-piece with cute ribbon details on the hips. Kinda reminds me of the swimsuit worn by the leading lady in the old B-movie “Creature From The Black Lagoon” –  so perfect for a pale innocence like me lol. Have you got a favourie swimsuit or bikini? Would LOVE to see them – happy summer and stay cool!

From left: Pic 1.  Skin: Redgrave Hair and earrings:|kik| Tattoo: Garden of Ku Pose: Miamai Pic 2: Skin: Redgrave Hair: Analog Dog Tattoo: Garden of Ku Pose: Miamai

Hair With Flair by *Plume*

I am very selective in the hair I wear. I am always on the lookout for great quality and expert texturing. *Plume* has met and exceeded my expectations in these two fabulous hairs; Lily and Vogue.


Lily is a funky and fun hair featuring twisted sections pulled up to form an eye catching updo. It comes in several alluring shades and is cleverly adorned with a lily. The lily is texture change to match any ensemble. The hair is also scripted for sizing, and the script will also let others control your hair.


Next we have the hip, trendy Vogue hair.


Vogue is a cute updo that is very flattering to today’s modern styles. It features two headbands which can be controlled independently to change the colors to match anything in your inventory. This wispy, upswept style is sure to get you noticed.


Make sure you stop by *Plume* today and try out these hairs or many of their other fashionable ‘do’s that are sure to make you the center of attention.


Hair 1: Dress and earrings – Zaara

Hair 2: Outfit – Mon Tissu, Earrings – Zaara, Shoes – YS&YS

Surreal elf from ( R E D ) M I N T

I don’t know if you like to RP or if you just love to style yourself with striking hair, skin and accessories to create a cutting edge fashion look, but either way the etheral looking designs of (RED)MINT  is a must have for any fashionista elf, waif or whatever you like to call yourself in-world.  I had so much fun playing around with the lovely creations of designer Moni Schulze which were a totally new and great experience for me.

( R E D ) M I N T skins  have a delicate translucent and luminous texture, here I am wearing skin No.09~(3)FROST  combined with matching pierced ears adorned with little butterflies. The ears come with an easy to operate HUD – oh I LOVE easy op HUDS! -  to change skintones to match that of your skin so you get a great finish. I added the hairstyle “No 3″ in colour champagne from the fatpack “Coolblonds”  – a look designed to bring out the most adventurous sides to your fashionable avatar. Combined with sensual lingherie I’ll call this look my pinup elf. And – I can’t WAIT to see some of these looks on the runway pretty soon *winks*

(RED)MINThairstyles comes in fatpacks of 3, good value for money.  This particular style is messy in a punky kind of way, I just LOVE it, it’s fast becomming my fave hair of the moment – it’s perfect for a wild child like moi!!  I particularely fell for the “FANTASY” fatpack with colours “Pink” – “Dark teal” and “Lavender”. They  are especially fun to match with different eye colours and  RED(MINT)s makeups on tattoo layers – the one I’m wearing here is “(Deco) Makeup ~ No.07″ in FROST for eyes and lips. Notice the icy blushing on the cheeks for this skin – it’s gorgeous!

I’m wearing:

Skin: ( r )M ~ (Skin) Dead ~ No.09~(3)FROST

Outfits:  Blue chiffon cocktail dress from Mimikri Haute Couture and (in the middle) Pink Ballet TuTu Dress from Vita’s Boudoir. Shoes with kneesocks from Maitreya All eyes: MADesigns

Eden..In Vernal Equinox (Spring!)

In tales of  ‘lore..every year when winter blankets the world with her frosty hand..we sleep… Beautiful fairies yawn yet work diligently when Vernal Equinox is upon the horizon.  Planting seedlings with nurture and precise care so when the lands awaken.. they do so..in bloom so wondrous your every sense will applaud its beauty.

Join Us April 8, 2011 at 6pm SLT for a truly beautiful experience. Fairies, Mythical Creatures and You help us awaken the lands to Spring. Many designs created just for this show will be seen first time.

Our breathtaking designers:  ALB Dream Fashion, Aphrodite, Azoury, Brocade Tiger, D Designs, House of Europe, Fellini Couture and Plume.

Opium hopes to see you there and we wish you a wondrous Spring Season.