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Chop Zuey and Gizza

Chop Zuey Owner Belle Roussel Does it again with this beautiful Necklace and Earring set named Night Mystery it’s absolutely stunning and it goes perfectly with Gizza’s  new Mesh lingerie  named Morning After. Creator Giz Seorn  really heats it up  this winter for us.

Stop by both Gizza and Chop Zuey  and check out  there  amazing collections

Chop Zuey Slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Chop%20Zuey/65/133/24/

Gizza Slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/GizzA%20Creations/132/112/72/

Precious Aurora Jewels

It’s fall and party season. That means time to wear some fancy and even formal clothes. And – time to sparkle! Being a model I am always on the prowl for the perfect accessory and I have a special liking for precious jewels – well what girl hasn’t right? And not long ago I stumbled across this awsome boutique – Aurora Collection – which sells the elaborate jewelry designed by mister Alien Blessed. His creations range from the modern minimalist to extremely detailed pieces and a lot of the pieces are menu driven meaning you can change size, glow, gemstones, metals and colors. That makes these necklaces, rings and bracelet’s extremely versatile and I have got to say they hang just beautiful on the female physique. On the photo above I am wearing the “Anne” pendant earrings with the black onyx gemstone set to medium glow. This piece also has a matching necklace and bracelet.

This photo I’m wearing the “Princess” in gold with white diamonds, a necklace that is beautiful for the blushing bride as well as dancing around your studio in your best lingerie, which I tend to do a lot. LOL. Anyway, says Alien Blessed: “This jewelry for the woman who wants to feel loved each time she wears it. Each piece is thoughtfully created and painstakingly planned with stunning elegance and captivating originality. Buy for yourself to feel special or buy it for someone who is special to you!” Darn I feel special already – and I bought it for myself! Now do yourself a favour and visit Aurora Collection in the  DreamWalker sim today, indulge in some luxury. I promise you won’t regret it!

I’m wearing:

Top photo: “Anne” pendant earrings by  Aurora Collection, skin: EclatSuntan-makeup3 by  Lelutka, hair: “Kennedy” in pale blonde by  Chantkare, dress by Glam Affair

Bottom photo: “Princess” necklace by Aurora Collection, skin: EclatSuntan-makeup3 by  Lelutka, hair: “Victoria” in pale blonde by  Cake, pale blue bra by Angel Dessous.

Opium’s Closet Monday by Rhonda Pennell

Today I dove into the vast expanses of my virtual closet…and resurfaced with this breathtaking dream of a dress in tow:) I am happy to show you the Marie Antoinette “Alice in Versailles” gown from Digit Darkes, along with the amazing Azucena jewelry set from Alienbear in soft antique gold.

This gown, a gift to me from a dear friend in the summer of 2008 and still one of my favourites, is loaded with ruffles, flexi prims, and pure romance:) and the huge, flowing skirt with its thick layers and stunning textures is of course an eye catcher in its own right. Digit Darkes has done a terrific job creating this unique vision of a French renaissance gown in strawberry and chocolate colours, and with the ruffles around the upper arms and chest (including the back), I feel like a princess. Despite the shoulderless appearance, two silver straps hug the shoulders, and a big diamond brooch adorns the top of the bodice. A uniquely shaped belt hugs the waist around the hips, dipping down in the front and back. And finally, look at the wonderful sleeves! Puffy and adorable like the skirt, they end in layered flexi prims which wave gently around the lower arms and wrists. I have never seen another dress quite like this one, and it is stunning from top to bottom:)

I knew that only the best and most precious jewelry would do for this fashion look, and so I put on the Azucena jewelry set, which despite having owned it for a few months actually marks my first time wearing it…and, of course, it is absolutely terrific. It is from Alienbear, after all:) Intricate details shimmer in gold encrusted with countless tiny diamonds, which sparkle delightfully…indeed, the prim work is so detailed that the tiara and the necklace each consist of two objects to be worn together, but you can wear each as a single object as well (which removes some of the detail but will save you valuable attachment points).

I hope you enjoyed today’s look into my closet as much as I enjoyed blogging it…now you must excuse me I have a date tonight at the Palace of Versailles *giggles:)


Modeling and photography by Rhonda Pennell

Outfit: Marie Antoinette “Alice in Versailles” from Digit Darkes

Jewelry: Azucena set (tiara, necklace, earrings – bracelets not shown) in soft antique gold from Alienbear

Skin: Sara sunblush light siren from AtomicBambi

Hair: Radiance in light blonde honey from Jolie Femme