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Bubble’s Designs-GLAMOROUS

Such a perfectly named design, Glamorous, by Bubble Cyberstar is hitting the stores now. A beautiful bloom of lace like petals form a stunning design.  This gown is beyond words with the tight bodice and full collar. Dainty lace layers and surrounds forming this glamours Glamorous design!



See you at Bubbles!


Bubble’s Designs-ELEGANCE

A new beautiful design by Bubble Cyberstar called Elegance.  The cascading crimson skirt is full and simply stunning.  This elegant gown is perfect for those upcoming summer parties.  Satin fabric outlines your form flowing into the beautiful skirt.

An intricately designed bodice is not only sexy but beautifully added into this formal design.  A full wrapped collar is amazing and the design comes with elbow length formal gloves.



See you at Bubbles!



Paris Metro Couture: Artist Series-M.Sharple Gown


Such an enchanting gown, the M. Sharple gown is.  The interesting pattern of the fabric is yet soft and fun.  Designer RFB Morpork, from Paris Metro Couture has created a breathtaking design that is one you have to see.  Perfect for those upcoming spring formals, the beautiful colors flow in a cloud like fashion.  A light sash covers your shoulder, while dainty matching gloves complete this look.  Unique and elegant, this design is one to check out.


Paris Metro Couture


Amazing Designs from Azul

 The newest glamours design to come from AZUL  is  Naomi.  A sexy formal gown that emits elegance and beauty. Mami Jewells talents seem never ending.  I knew when I saw Naomi it was a must have.  Shown here in coral, the lovely over lapping waves of fabric form a beautiful off the shoulder gown. Full length gloves complete the look of this form fitting fashion.  The dark  lace trim accents the design beautifully. Simply breath taking, this is a gown everyone needs.


See you at Azul


ALB For Spring

Tis the time to enjoy a contrast of many colors and fun, SPRING!  ALB DREAM FASHION by AnaLee Balut has given us a lovely assortment to pick from.  The first bloom that caught my eye was the amazing Santina dress.  A step back into the fabulous 60s, with a twist of todays beautiful designs. 

 With two fun options of ways to wear, Santina adds a splash of funky colors with a neat organized  leather and fastened shell. Really nice shirt options and pants giving you many different outfits in one.  This colorful design is excellent for all sorts of spring and summer fun!

Also a darling hair bow and gloves are given in this package to complete your look be it fun or formal youre ready to spring into action.

Next, also from ALB is Babette.  This cute mini comes with all you need for a  great night out on the town.

Sexy lil stilettos in a matching black red and white design.  A colorful tight fitting corset accents the full skirt perfectly.  Cute yet bold a red sash accents the waist of the skirt bringing an eye to the long lovely legs of the lady wearing this perfect design.

A fully enclusive yet fun mini dress that comes with a rainbow of assorted skirts. Elbow length gloves with a flowing lace edge offset the cute playful additions.  Perfect for any closet and a must have for all wardrobes ALB is the place to shop for Spring!