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A star is born


When I heard that cStar was designing a Marilyn-skin I got super excited and soon as the demo was available in the mainstore I scooted up there to grab one and designed a Marilyn-shape to use in my photos with it right away. I am a big Marilyn-fan and thoroughly enjoyed creating several looks from different stages in her life but avoiding the most cliché-Marilyn-imitations. And what great coincidence Vintage Fair is going on with tons of new releases fit for a moviestar’s wardrobe. In The Starlet-photo no 1 from left is portraying the rising star Marilyn, the way she looked in the movie “Bus Stop” – fresh out of cheesecake modelling. The dress is a new release from 1 Hundred (Vintage Fair),  in photo no 2 is Marilyn the way she looked when she attended the Lee Strasbourg academy of acting in New York – glasses and casual yet trendy clothes: stripy jumper from Coco (old item) and simple black pencilskirt from Faster Pussycat. “The Diva” is the fullblown moviestar, Marilyn at the top of her carreer adored and copied by the masses – i chose a new red sequin mesh dress from CIA (Vintage Fair) and diamonds from laGyo. Then there is “The Goddess” – Marilyn singing for the president – sporting “Lily” a sexy halterneck dress in gold – a new release from Baiastice (Vintage Fair). In “The Mistfits” Marilyn was cast in casual denim and plaid shirts, I chose a jacket from my inventory from Aoharu and teamed it with one of my own new releases – “Pinup Pants” from Faster Pussycat (Vintage Fair). Below is inspired by what has become known as Marilyn’s “Last Sitting” – a photoshoot she did with photographer Bert Stein commissioned by VOGUE Magazine – wearing nothing but her birthday suit, a selection of scarves and some drops of her favoured perfume Chanel No.5. The shoot  took  place over three daily sessions in late June 1962, just six weeks before she died. I hope this makes a nice tribute to both a legend – and a lovely new cStar skin.

cStar’s “Marilyn” is available now at Fashion Voodoo. It is like so many of cStar’s skins a limited edition skin and the pack also includes a Marilyn shape – only 2 restocks are available. There are 18 different tones to pick from and I am wearing the light tone for my photos. A fatpack option will only be available for the duration of the Fashion Voodoo event and it’s also 50% off. This skin could possibly be a fashionista’s collectible so hurry up and get it now – LM is available in the demo at cStar HQ.

Here Kitty Kitty! Faster Pussycat is Puuurrring!

Designer Honey Bender of Faster Pussycat is purring out the sexy new releases. Shelia is a sultry hot addition as the summer sun sets into the autumn leaves.  A must have for any simmering summer night this mini dress comes complete with a wrapped guaze style hat/head dress.  The sculped skirt attachment forms perfectly showing off those summer toned legs youve worked on all year.  So cute, yet hot hot hot!  A must have, get over to Faster Pussycat for this and many other great designs!



Faster PussyCat Fashions

Enjoy your next night on the town with this fabulous new release from Faster PussyCat by Honey Bender called “Golddigger”. The outfit includes a gold sequins gold crop top and matching leggings and a bouncy tutu.

You can have a second look by taking off the tutu and just be your smexy self. They will be purring when they see you in tight fitting leggings to show off your smexy curves. I added a new shoe  release called Faster PussyCat’s Debutante Bast  by PoosyKat Littleboots. These adorable shoes have a kitty on the front and back. Meow!

Golddigger also includes gold bubble necklace for an added touch.

The Circus Princess is a fun mix n match ensemble. Faster PussyCats, Honey Bender created a very colorful and playful outfit in this new creation. It includes green glitter pants, a purple tshirt with a blue, purple and yellow star and is topped with a sequins blue  jacket, which includes red and gold prim cuffs and a shiny red sequins lapel. Be the Ring Master or simply have fun with your friends!

The Circus Princess includes a blue tutu for an added touch. I added Faster PussyCats Kitty Skulled Ankle boots with blue stitch by Poosy Littleboots with this ensemble.

Honey Bender also added a red and gold striped hat with a feathery plume to add the final touches as you turn into The Circus Princess!

Faster PussyCat has several new releases to complete your wardrobes. PoosyKat Littleboots created totally awesome shoes to her collection. They include Debutante, Debutante Bast, Galaxy Star and my personal favorite: The Pandora.

The Pandora

The Debutante

Debutant Bast

Galaxy Stars

Other Details:

The Golddigger

Hair- Vanity 

Bracelets- Finesmith

Earrings – Mandala

Nails- Candy

Lashes – Glow

Poses by DelMay and Davinel

Background by Merrick Genesis of Blackbird

The Circus Princess

Hair by Truth and Emo-tions

Nails – Candy Nails

Lashes – Glow

Poses by DelMay, Di’s Opera and Davinel

Background by Merrick Genesis of Blackbird and Mystique

Model & Photography: skylei Caproni

Faster Pussycat Fashion News

If you like your fashion with an edge… then read on because I have some fabulous releases to show from the new Faster Pussycat collection by Honey Bender.

Black Magic can be worn as a figure hugging body suit to show off those gorgeous long legs….. Which of course we all have in SL don’t we?? ….. Or by simply adding a flouncy tutu skirt you can create a second look. Two of my favourite things are the texture work on the bodice and I love! love ! love! those sculpted shoulders, which for me gives this outfit great fashion attitude.

I chose to wear Tower Ankle Boots… take a peek below to see these unique boots in more detail.

Raven is a similarly designed to Black Magic.. which can also be worn as a slinky body suit or as skirted outfit. What makes Raven beautifully unique is the texture work and accessories. The top is semi opaque mesh with patterns of sequin colours perfectly placed all over. Black raven feathers are arranged at the neck and attached to a pearl beaded Aztek collar to create a stunning look.

Faster Pussycats Warrior Boots in pink are the perfect match and pick out the coloured sequins in the top.. see pic below for a close up.

The third outfit is my personal favourite… I love everything about Zebra Mini. Gorgeous animal print definitely gets this outfit noticed. Great belt detail, cuffs and sculpted shoulder accessories add a fashion edge. My footwear choice are these great Tower Ankle Boots, for a more feminine touch You Give Me Fever shoes would be just perfect. This short and leggy mini with a deep v cut oozes confidence and fashion attitude ….. Did I say that I love this outfit!!!

Fabulous outfits need fabulous shoes and Faster Pussycat has just the pair to add that finishing footwear flourish. Poosykat Littleboots waved her magic designer wand and created Tower Ankle Boots, You Give me Fever Shoes, Aztek Warrior Boots to choose from.

Tower Ankle Boots

You Give Me Fever Shoes

Warrior Boots

TP to Faster Pussycat

:: Other Details ::
Black Magic Body Suit
Hair – Vanity Hair- Rush
Skin – La Vie-Hope
Nails-Candy Nail
Earrings – Glamorize

Raven Body Suit
Hair – Vanity Hair-
Skin – La Vie-Hope
Makeup – Vanity Hair
Nails-Candy Nail

Zebra Mini
Hair Attachment – Avoki
Skin – La Vie-Hope
MakeUp – Avoki
Nails-Candy Nail
Earrings- Kraftika
Model & Photography – Avona Ryba

Union Jack

Do not threaten me with the fire of your body my love
for I am a man borne of fire and shall die of fire
I eat fire, I bathe in fire, I swim in the deepest part of fire.

If you wear the “Union Jack” by PoosyKat LittleBoots of  Faster Pussycat….. you might not be a man borne of fire, but you will look rather smoking hot.

The cinnamon red sculpted waistcoat is fully adjustable so you can get just the right fit. Under it, the Leopard print tee with its guitarist decal is a very unique and distinctive piece of clothing. Matched up with the flag leather pants, you look every inch the rebel.