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The Ascension of Silver – NV Corsetry Brittainy Collins

When I first saw this gown i was stunned.. truly breathtaking in its form and detail not to mention the possiblities.. The Ascension of Silver was first premiered at the Avenue Cinque Pure show. The simplicity hides the complexity of detail and structure giving it an elegance that is simple mystical. I have decided to show a more casual form of this outfit in order to draw the idea to the detailing on the corset and pants. Enjoy!



L+N Signature Designs

A little visit back in time to Utophia with L+N Signature Designs and Cerridwen’s Cauldron.

L+N Steam gear Fly Green Male

The Utopia set was sponsored by Cerridwen’s Cauldron.

Build by Veracity Afterthought.

!!! L+N Signature Design !!!

Unique Store – Best Products Ever
Steam Punk Ships, Steam Punk Mechanical dress, Fantasy dress, cute shoes, ice skates color change hat and much more…

 Cerridwens Cauldron

Fantasy plants, trees and flowers, avatars and buildings. Main Shop, Gallery and Landscaped Sim. Relaxing, exotic and beautifull. Non-disruptive RP, daters and photographers welcome. Home of the grid famous fantasy plants.

 Cerridwens Cauldron: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cerridwens%20Cauldron/185/181/2001

L+N Signature Designs http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lion%20Heart/20/208/28

Bubble’s Designs ~ Chamomile for Fantasy Show

I will show you the light side, the bright side, the new and the fresh.  “Chamomile” for Opium Evolution’s – FANTASY Show, Sunday September 30th, high noon SLT.

Playful, light dress with a skirt, hairpiece and arm cuffs made of yellow/gold centered newly blossomed daisy flowers.  So easy to wear and so flattering.  After the show come get yours.

Outfit : Bubble’s Designs – Chamomile

Bubble’s Designs

Absinth Fairy

As usual with the exquisite neo burlesque designs from *devious Mind “Absinthe” comes with numerous layers, prim attachments and options, the trimmings are delicate and detailed – check the roses and sugarcubes! – as any true absinthees knows white sugar is essential to sweeten the drink. You can wear the black latex stockings or just the bodice, swap between 2 glove options and swap the hats and prims if you prefer your absinth a tad bitter maybe leeave the sugarcubes behind and just adorn yourself with black roses.

On Honey: Outfit: “Absinthe” by !*deviousMind Shoes: “Bozo” by Grimm Brothers Hair: “FNQ123″ from booN

On Ronnie: ::BB:: Mesh Centaur Body Attachment in white by Beetlebones Hair: “Sybille” mesh hair in platinum by Wasabi Pills

Scorpius by L+N Signature Fantasy

I believe everyone has a fantasy and I also believe everyone deserves a great outfit when they decided to turn their fantasy into reality.  L+N Signature Fantasy by Brgn Halberstam is a one stop destination to find all those needs.

Scorpius (1) – Platinum

I am wearing a masterpiece called Scorpius and it is available in 2 colors, platinum and gold. This hot-stuff is specially created for those of you who savours an extreme cyber / steam punk looks. The designer describes this outfit as “Unique Artistic Design resembles a scorpion-like appearance”. I totally need to complete that description by adding “-super hot-” scorpion-like appearance!

Scorpius (1) – Gold

This awesome outfits comes in a whole package that will enable you to create different looks but still retain its -super hot-” scorpion-like appearance!  Today I am showing you 2 different options in 2 different colors. Of course, you can mix match them to suit your needs. Totally Awesome!!

Scorpius (2) – Gold

Scorpius is a perfect designs for anyone who feels comfortable to be different and unique. So if you are one of those people who is twistedly cool, you should visit L+N Signature Fantasy now!
Here’s your jet: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lion%20Heart/21/246/24  

Scorpius (2) – Platinum

So.. Are you dare enough to be different?? Are you brave enough to be the center of attention?? I know Opiates do!!! That is why we are going to show you this scandalous designs on our upcoming show!! Watch out for  The Surreal Life Extreme Fashion Show by Opium Agency – A show that everyone should not miss!!

Photography by Kira Castiglione

Amita Yorcliffe

Vita’s Boudoir “The Rose’s Thorn”

Vita’s Boudoir is one of the most artistic and wonderful brands of sl,

and this new dress “The Roses Thorn”

is an example of its amazing creativity.

“The Roses Thorn” is NOT a dress, is pure art and beauty!

No more words to describe such fantastic outfit.

Just breathe its magic, fill your eyes with its beauty

and let yourself follow this dream.

This incredible outfit will be presented in Opium’s Labyrinth Show

on November 30, 2010 – at 6.00 pm slt

You just can’t miss!