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Fataly Green! – Opium Sports Show Sneak Peak

Fatal Cordy Shorts
Fatal Amy Sweater
Maitreya Leather Satchel
RoleOptic Neca Glasses
Truth Portia
Maitreya Gold Suave
Body Co Summer
Mandala Nails
Mandala Noodle Earrings
Ceolo Jewelry
Earthstones Belly Beads


A yummy sneak peak at the new fall preview from Fatal.. This lovely sweater and short set will be released after the Opium Sports show in November!  So get those Lindens ready for some heavy shopping!

Futuristic Glam Fashion from Glam Affair!

I’m not your typical girlie girl in SL, probably because in RL I’m definitely not a girlie girl.  I’m not into frilly, bouncy, poofy things – I’m more about streamline, defined lines and a bit fashion-forward when it comes to the clothes I wear in both worlds.  That’s why I was so excited when I first tried on -Glam Affair-  ZAE Black&Red Dress because this is the look that not only would I want to wear in SL but I would definitely love to have in RL too.  Styling this was fun because it was a look that I love putting together and imagine my excitement when I was told I would get to pick a skin from Glam Affair to use with it!  I was like a lil kid in the Candy Store!

Let’s talk about the dress first!  This is a dress that will really wow the crowds when you wear it.  I love that it’s this super-short mini-skirt with geometric lines to it.  The cut of the dress with the defined shoulders and button-up mock turtleneck collar give the dress a futuristic military feel but the draping of the silk dress below the bodice to the hemline still give it a feminine feel.  Wonderful color combinations of  black silk with the dark maroon red strip down the front.  You will be noticed wearing a dress like this to your favorite club opening or party.

Along with the dress I got to showcase this amazing new skin from Glam Affair that I just love.  Glam Affair Designer Aide Ewing has been doing skins for years and what she produces is always on the cutting edge when it comes to texturing and definition.  Probably why so many top models and fashionistas turn to her skins for their look.

The skin I selected was -Glam  Affair – Sofia skin natural – make up 10 and I picked it because of the very Euro-model look to it.  I love how the cheekbones look really strong on the face and I purposely went with very little eye make-up to the richer autumn lip shade that went well with my preference for red hair.  I wanted a look that complimented the dress not overpowered it.  I really do think this Sofia skin line is going to be a popular skin – definitely well done!

When putting this outfit together I thought it looked a bit like something the singer Rihanna would wear – futuristic, sharp edges, a bit militaristic so I thought I’d use that as the basis for styling my outfit.  I first started with a very Rihanna like hairstyle from Lamb – !lamb. Ghost – Burnt Orange.  The Top is styled up their high with a small ponytail wrapped nicely around the collar.  I wanted cuff-like bracelets to compliment the dress and found EarthStones Gimme Those Wood Bangles – Drama/Silver.  Added to the outfit was a pair of chunk black earrings – Black Twist from Aimesi.   And finally with the shoes I really liked these heel-less short boots:  ^..::*Alpestyle*::..^ Leeds Shoes.


DRESS: Glam Affair:  -Glam Affair-  ZAE – Black&Red Dress.  Designer Aida Ewing

SKIN:  Glam Affair:  -Glam  Affair – Sofia skin natural – make up 10.  Designer Aida Ewing

HAIR:  lamb:  lamb. Ghost – Burnt Orange by LAMB.  Designer Lamb Bellic

BRACELETS:  EarthStones: Gimme Those Wood Bangles – Drama/Silver.  Designer Abraxxa Anatine

EARRINGS:  Aimesi:  Black Twist.  Designer Mea Carnell

BOOTS:  Alphastyle:  ^..::*Alpestyle*::..^ Leeds Shoe.  Designer Alpes Boccaccio