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Magic Ireland from Champagne

Directly from the floats of the latest Mardi Grad parade this shining creation by Champagne Sparkling Couture hits our fantasy transporting us in a timeless land where everything is possible .

Magic Ireland by Champagne is an outfit that mixing traditional elements of Irish folklore with the purity of modern lines that characterize the Champagne creations is able to create at first sight a magical allure .

A glowing  green gown  short on the front and flourishing in a wide skirt on the back , extremely accurate in every detail and  decorated with floreal trims,  has its peak in a rich collar adorned  with arboreal elements surmounted by a sparkling rainbow .

Complete  the outfit  a pair of golden  shoes , a belt with a magic golden pot ,  bracelets  and  a  crown  all decorated  in the same floreal style.



skin Fiep milk by DUTCH TOUCH
hair Modern geisha Blonde by VANITY HAIR

nails Golden by FINESMITH 

Photographer and model Arialee Miles

Where’s the Party? With CONVOITISE!!

I’m a gal that loves getting dressed up for a night at my favorite club and I’m always looking for something different other than your standard ‘party dress’.   As you’ve been seeing this last few posts, Toume Yao, Designer for Convoitise, has created some amazing and very unique clubwear outfits.  And with these outfits – what amazing details.

The outfit I was lucky enough to blog about is Carolina Cherry and it’s in a rich dark shade of Cherry Plum.  This is a jumper outfit with shorts that go right to the top of your knees.  But this isn’t an outfit for a day of play at your local playground but a night of dancing at your favorite club or party with friends.  This outfit is made of a very rich detailed satin corset halter top with matching pair of of knickers finished with a trim cuff right above the knees.  Included with the outfit is wide black leather belt that ties this outfit together perfectly.

What gets me excited about a designer’s clothes is the attention to details they do with texturing.  Sure, Toume Yao could have taken the easy way out and found some shiny purple texture and thrown this all together, but that wouldn’t be something we expect to find at Convoitise.  I’ve included a close-up of the top of the outfit and you can see the rich detailing to materials used in this outfit that really makes this outfit catch your eye.  It’s almost a faint brocade pattern interlaced with satin trim that makes this an outfit you’ll want in your inventory.

Styling this outfit was fun and starts with the perfect fun flouncy hair that just moves on the dance floor and that’s LeLutka’s Jennifer in IrishRed.  A perfect tie-in with the black leather belt and dark rich cherry of the outfit was Creamshop’s Skull Rhinestone Earrings and Necklace.  Just a bit of black, purple and quirkiness to really make the entire look stand out.  And I thought a perfect finish was a pair of Bax’s Ankle Boots in Black Leather.

Now I thought I’d try this whole look out with a new skin I purchased recently at Dutch Touch – Keira in Cotton for us redheads.  I only got the Basic Red makeup but knew this outfit needed a bit of makeup *POP*, which is what I love about these new layers you can use with SL2 Viewer or Emerald Beta.  These new ‘Face Tattoo’ layers will open up a world of endless possibilities with your favorite skins and for me it was taking a very natural skin and adding rich Diva eyeshadows using Miamai’s LesMakeups_Diva 04 adding a hint of smoke and color to the eyes.  You can only use these new layers with the new Second Life ’2′ Viewer or be like me and use Emerald Beta.


OUTFIT:  CONVOITISE Carolina Cherry, Designer Toume Ya0

SHOES:  BAX Ankle Boots Black+ Suede, Designer Bax Coen

JEWELRY:  (creamshop) Skull Rhinestone Necklace and Earrings, Designer SAZAE Yoshikawa

HAIR:  [LeLutka]-JENIFFER hair – IrishRed, Designer Thora Charron

SKIN:  :: DUTCH TOUCH ::kEIra:: Cotton – Basic CL1 EBred, Designer Iki Ikarus

EYE MAKEUP:  MIAMAI‘s Miamai_LesMakeups_Diva 04, Designer monica Outlander.

Body By Rae, presents Abigail!

New shape line from Body By Rae

I thought the best way to show you this cute new shape, was to show you how it might look in one of your own skins.

SO this is me, and me, and me and…well so on and so on.

Left to Right I am wearing skins from

Dutch Touch (Maan)

Belleza (Belle)

League (Kate)

Rockberry (Sasha)

EStyle (Bella Smoky)

L. Fauna Skins (Lapine)

So peek at these and it might give you an idea of how you might look.

I also have a close up of the face, as you can see the eyes have a lovely deep slant, and would be just perfect for an Asian skin line.

I’ve shot this one in my normal Kate skin.

I hope you’ll stop by to see what Body By Rae has to offer. I think you’ll be pleased

(a little bird told me that on occasion you just might find yourself a new furry friend when you arrive as well!!!)