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ALB Desire Berry Corset Dress

Another new release from ALB Dream Fashion! A stunning pink gown that comes with many different features that suits your needs. When you are wearing this beautiful creation, you can clearly see that AnaLee Balut really think about the detail thouroughly when she’s creating this gorgeous gown.  


My favorite part is the skirt, it has a really cute pearl details along the fluffy skirt! Also, it comes in 2 different models and colors.. I must say this gown comes with lotsa alternatives to go along in any occassion..  

Here’s a limo for you: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LAMU%20ISLAND/183/74/40

Amita Yorcliffe

Ranena Olivier Couture ~ Safari 3 Leopard roars!

Ranena Olivier Couture has brought this super hot design to you from the jungle.

Safari 3 Leopard is a beautifully tailored dress with an upturned collar and short, cuffed prim sleeves with  a jagged hankie hem and a hot, buckled waist cincher to define all your dangerous curves.

Combined with a  bodice that opens clear down to the midriff, ROC Leopard is one hot, jungle inspired dress. That will definitely heat up those summer days and probably nights as well.

Leopard was also made my Ranena Olivier for the IFW10. This is just a gorgeous summer dress that will stand out in the crowd. Head to Ranena Olivier Couture today and catch this dress before it gets away.

ROC Main Store LM below -


Mischief No More……

Hi all, yes this is sad, but it’s also not….I just want to paste the notecard I got from Janie Marlowe today from her Mischief group for you all to read and yes we will miss Mischief but  eagerly await the  new visions Janie has coming to the grid soon !
From Janie Marlowe
“Let me start by saying that I am not leaving Second Life and I have no intention to quit making content.  I’m just bored.  Bored, bored and bored!  If I look back at my time here in SL, so much has changed.  I’m not the same avie I once was, the grid is so much more than it used to be.
When all of you want something fresh and new, you go out and buy a new skin, find new friends, make changes to what your Second Life is.  That’s the beauty of it, no?  This little Second Life gives us the freedom to reinvent at will and that’s exactly where I am with Mischief.
It’s time to redefine what Janie Marlowe lends to this virtual reality.  I’ve outgrown Mischief, many of you likely have as well.
The changes won’t be mind boggling.  I will still continue to make flirtatious, casual attire for your wardrobe needs.  What I’d like to do, is raise the bar and to also lend a bit more consistency in color choices, quality and what you can expect when shopping from me.
So for now, we say good-bye to Mischief.  It has been the most amazing ride lol.  Soon, we’ll say hello to something new, something fresh, and something from Janie Marlowe that will bring me more happiness as I toil away in Photoshop.  With luck, something that will bring you some happiness as well.
And, so here’s the last sale in Mischief history.  All outfits and dresses marked down to 90L (greedy packs for 180L) and all single items marked to 50L (greedy packs for 100L).  I’m not certain how long the sale will last as I’ll be hiding somewhere working on the new brand.  I will keep you updated and try to give you sneak peeks at what’s coming.”

I will have exclusive updates here as soon as Janie lets me know what’s up…so stay tuned…..

~Thanks for  all the Mischief Janie~

Dolothy by LIKKA* HOUSE

From the moment I slipped into this lovely dress from LIKKA* HOUSE, I felt a bit retro. The way the longer skirt falls  is reminiscent of skirts of the 1950s to me. This outfit has 2 options for skirt length….

The calf length and an above the knee length. Both skirts are lovely and full.  The bodice is strapless and has laces in back to cinch you in, a collar with adorable bow holding it in place and a wonderful broach at the cleavage. Dolothy is form fitting and beautifully made.

So many design options, sold alone or in a Fat Pack….but I recommend getting them all. You will see why once you start putting them on. From Dolothy in Argyle (pictured above) to Houndstooth (pictured below)

You will not have any problem finding a look for any occasion. Likka Noel, Owner/Designer, has also made Dolothy in Red, Blue Stripe, Pink, White and lovely Leopard &  Tartan as well. Seriously, these are amazing dress.

What a selection of choices…I love these dresses !

Head over to LIKKA* HOUSE and get to shopping ladies !

LIKKA* HOUSE-http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sannomiya/200/200/28/

and speaking of My Precious……..

be sure not to miss the sale that is going on now thru Sunday at midnight!

Agnes Finney has marked down some of her incredible items ( there will be signs saying “Discounted Item” )

This is for My Precious Group,  so if you are just a subscriber member, make sure to get your group tag at the Dollarbie Area….

This cute spring babydoll dress, April, is being offered for just 10 Ls !!!! That’s right, I did say 10 Ls , hehe.

This is a seriously adorable silk mini dress,  it has golden daisies at the bodice,  it is sleevess and has pale yellow & white daisies at the bottom hemline. So cute….and only 10 Ls.

If I were you I would hurry down to the My Precious Sale,  remember it ends on Sunday, April 11th at midnight.  So it is ONLY today and tomorrow…hurry ! Landmark below

My Precious ~http://slurl.com/secondlife/Agnes%20Finney/89/127/22/