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Some Blueberry Goodness

Blueberry has released a new Mesh skirt line called “Britta

The mesh skirt can be mixed an matched with the multiple different tops and outfits throughout the Blueberry store.

Carla Cardalines models Britta in Pink/Orange.  Each skirt comes with multiple sizes to fit your avatar.  Also included, is a bow for the skirt in multiple sizes as well.

Carla also wears the top from Blueberry’s Passion Mesh line Corset outfit’s in Pink.

Blueberry also makes a few different men’s lines of clothes.  Steele wears Blueberry Mesh Jeans Keeki in Ice.  Each of the jeans also comes in multiple sizes with different size alpha layers.  The jeans fit perfect.

Add some Blueberry goodness to your wardrobe today.

While your there, don’t forget to join the group and pick up this month’s gift.







One of the most erotic and sensual pieces of lingerie you could buy yourself is a corset. However, nice corsets in-world are a bit of a rarity. Most that I’ve come across come on layers (jacket, shirt, etc). The corsets from NV Corsetry, however, are attachments that you can adjust to your shape with a simple resize script. Some may be a bit intimidated when it comes to resizing.  They’re either afraid they’ll warp their new purchase into a big mess, but trust me…if I can do it, you definitely can. Just make a copy before you start (just in case!)

I really liked the corset with the “pink skully” design.  It has an EGL/vintage feel to it. When resizing it, I decided to keep it a bit on the longer side, which is part of the beauty of this corset. You can adjust it to fit the look of any outfit you happen to be wearing. The hot pink color demands attention when you enter a room. I paired the look with accessories from Lolapop! – the hat and jewelry really compliment not only the corset, but the outfit as a whole.


Skully Pink


I like well-designed back portions of outfits, and this one does not disappoint. I really like the laces and bow.


Gratuitous back shot.


The winter nights are cold, so why not make things red hot with this little number? You won’t need to turn the thermostat up when you’re wearing this.


Just hangin' around in my corset :)

Visit NV Corsetry today.


-Clothing/Lingerie: NV Corsetry
-Skin & makeup: Pink Fuel
-Hair: Tram
-Jewelry & hat: Lolapop!
-Poses: *EverGlow*

“Buckle” up with Lingerie Boutique!

Leanne Bebb not only cleverly shares her initials with her Lingerie Boutique store, but she is also going to share her sexy designs with us at Opium’s upcoming Erotica show next weekend, which will take place next Friday at 6pm and Saturday at 10am SL time! Take a look at the unique Satin Buckle Chemise…(please click the images below to enlarge)

Shown here in butterscotch, this unique design, reminiscent of a shoulderless vest, wraps your body in a tight fitting layer of satin held together by a diamond collar at the top and a row of clips, starting from just below the chest right down to the sexy panties. An oval cutout framing the cleavage is complemented by a tantalising strip of bare skin, including the bellybutton, peeking between the clips. Very sexy:)

Be bold and seductive wearing the entire outfit, or take the top off and strut around wearing nothing but the panties and fishnet stockings…I am definitely feeling the heat, how about you?

I love the versatility of this set – it could easily be turned into a complete outfit simply by adding pants or a matching gown skirt…or a miniskirt instead!

Do not miss out on the Erotica show, where many more exciting designs will be presented to you by the talented Opium models…but be sure to dress lightly, it will be hot! *smiles:)


Modeling and photography by Rhonda Pennell

Outfit: Satin Buckle Chemise in butterscotch from Lingerie Boutique

Skin: Ariana brown pale hairbase from Lara Skin

Hair: Gingko ‘B’ in chocolate from Tukinowaguma

Earrings: Kylei’s Stud Earrings from Exodi

Shoes: Stiletto Brown Croco from Ru-Tique

Accessories: Nails Diamonds in black from .:Naive:.

The Curious Seamstress of GreenWood Designs

Presenting….Monique, based on a real French silk reception gown from about 1885.  It is a truly elegant, lovely gown.  The gown now resides in a private collection.

The neckline on Monique plunges very low, however you can wear it with the under corset to make it a bit less revealing. Either way you wear Monique, you will make a grand statement and be the talk of the town.

The glorious and colorful floral design is set beautifully against the background of black silk.

There are deletable resizing scripts in the skirts, for that perfect fit for any size body.

The very sexy undergarments with Monique are sure to set some hearts afire, the gold and black lace and silk corset button downs the front, with a back lace to cinch you in tight, for that teeny tiny waisted look.

I adore everything about Monique and you will also. Take the LM below and see for yourself just how amazing Monique and all of the other period gowns and dresses of the amazingly talented Curious Seamstress of GreenWood Designs, Kembri Tomsen actually are.

The Curious Seamstress of GreenWood Designs LM below -