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Dahlinks knows what girls want…

I just have to show you some gorgeous jewels. When something looks and feles SO good it should be shared.  These pieces from Dahlink are just that.

Lets have a close up look at just a few of the beautiful things you will find


Dahlinks Pale Horse Set

 Next up is King Solomon Set in Ivory and Black.

Dahlinks King Solomon Set

 The third set I’d love to share with you comes with a color changing hud. You can change metals, gemstones, all kinds of goodies. The Bew Beginings Set.

Dahlinks New Beginings Set

Diamonds ARE  a girls best friend they say and with this sext set  I must say I agree. This collar necklace is simply enchanting.

Dahlinks Czarina Black Diamond Collar Necklace

 Straight ahead for another beautiful set.

Louise Brooks- Vintage Broadway Set by Dahlinks

 The Louise Brooks Vintage Broadway set is classic elegance. How could any jewel lover not have to have this in her SL jewelry case. The diamonds glutter as the soft romantic ribbon ties in back for that elite showstopper look.


These are but a few glimpses of the amazing things Dahlinks has waiting for you.


Please visit Dahlinks Main Store today and pick these and many others just as beautiful  up today!


Fall ….in Love…. With Purple Moon..Fall – Winter 2011

OO I was so excited when I opened this little bloggers box today. Amazing new items for Fall from Purple Moon. I am sure you will also fall in love with this fabulous peek at the new Fall -Winter 2011 Collection.

 The fabulous Zoralie coat The Atomic Jewel set in Gold/Blue starts us off!

Zoralie Coat in Blue

 The Zoralie coat is absolutely devine. Shown here in dark blue we have Fur! A must have for colder Fall and Winter seasons.  The collar, cuffs and hemming give us warmth and drama as the sculpted velvet body adds flair and style.




Next we have the Mabel Sleeveless Pullover in Blue and the stunning and oh so sexy Tess Skirt in Steel. There are several options with both of these pieces. The amazing knit detal of the pullover can be worn as shown here with the lower piece or add the high waistband and belt of the Tess skirt to show more of that sexy hourglass figure.

Lets look at some more pieces from this stellar collection shall we?


Shoes , Boots and Scarves  OH MY!

First up the comfy boots in 2 gorgeous colors Steel and Brown. I absolutely LOVE these for several reasons but most noted is the different ways to wear them.




Buttons, buckles and knit. How could you go wrong in these?

And last but ever so certainly NOT least the sexy Growl Pumps and Scarf. Shown here in Blue.



The added leopard print just gives us the the wild edge needed to bring all this couture goodness into one season!.


All of these designs are from the new Fall-Winter Collection 2011 and are available NOW. They have set up a BLUE ROOM right at the entrance where these already are on display along with some posters of the new items.


Hurry over to the Blue Room at Purple Moon and pick these up right away. Tell Poulet that Opium Sent ya!


You can find all of these otems for sale here :




Hollywood Nights…

Hollywood Nights is a new release from Mohna Lisa of Mohna Lisa Couture..and WOW will you have every eye on YOU in the room in this sexy confection.

Long elbow length gloves add el;egance , while the luxurious fur stole adds flair and style. I love the silk fabric.. it flows so soft as the train sweeps out around you.

You can even wear it without the stole..if your daring enough. The lace lined plunging decolletage keeps those eyes on you .

The back as you can see is just as gorgeous as the front. Show off that tan you’ve been working on all year.

This stunning gown comes in several amazng colors, shown here are: dusk, ice blue, snow and gold.

I suggest the fat pack for this one ladies.. So Sumptuous.  Head into Mohna Lisa couture on your next shopping venture.. you wont be disapointed.

Mohna Lisa Main Store:http://slurl.com/secondlife/Braindead/190/114/23

RFyre’s Winter Gown is Angelic

Raven Pennyfeather has done it again. Her new winter releases from The house of Rfyre are nothing short of spectacular. Have a look.

Soft , Flowing and feminine, this gown has an air about it that keeps us wanting more.

The sculpted shoulders pronise romance as the tightly fitted bodice hugs those curves. The matching belts adds a dramatic flair before the skirt flairs softly and fully.

The soft wings bring it all together to make you a true Christmas Angel.

Ms Pennyfeather has also made these amazing new shoes.  Iced White Stilletto Boots. The prim work is gorgeous and it comes with a hud to match skin and nails. You don’t want to miss running to House of RFyre to pick up her new winter collection. Its simply amazing.

House of RFyre Main Store: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Isle%20RFyre/98/176/24

Holiday Gown From Sonia!

This new gown is just in time for the holidays at Sonia’a. Absolutely stunning the feather neckline and shoulder piece adding flair and drama as the illusion like see thru bodice shows major sex appeal.

The bare back adds an extra edge of OOLa La… tight and form fitting t clings to your every curve to keep all eyes on YOU.

Make sure Son!a is a stop on your holiday shopping lists this week. You will love all of her designs.

Son!a Luxury Fashion Main Store: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Edge/129/120/32

Indyra Originals Gives Us.. Marquise..

Indyra Originals.. The very name exudes sex appeal, confidence and quality. Indyra Seigo’s attention to details is one of the many reasons I adore her designs.  But don’t take my word for it.. lets show you exactly what I’m speaking of.

Starting from the top of this amazing creation, the Shoulder ruffle adds drama and a touch of romance. The red and black plaid textures give off a soft silken sheen as the sculpted shoulder pads in glossy black add flair. Details details details!. There is a wonderful gem adorned chain that flows from the shoulder across the back to the other side.

The bodice is a quilted satin in black that hugs your curves, highlighting the low cut cleavage that is a perfect mix with the dramatic top and flouncing romance of the short plaid skirt.

Add a detailed matching and amazing wrist length gloves and the combination is a 100% Must Have for any SL fashionista.

Let’s not stop here though.. Indyra took it one level higher and added a Marquise II, in pants form. Marquise II has the flair and beauty of it’s sister Marquise, but with a few wonderful changes.

A second shoulder ruffle was added to the pant suit, a different, yet still wonderful belt added as well as long sleek wide legged pants with sculpted hems.

The back still looks just as sexy as the front ensuring that either side is *your best side*.

A sure stop on your holiday shopping list is Indyra Originals. You can find both of these amazing designs as well as so many more!.  The more you look the more you will begin to see just why Indyra Originals is one of my long standing favorite stores in SL.

Indyra Originals Main Store: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Namaste%20Isle/189/127/28