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Bubble’s Designs ~ Chamomile for Fantasy Show

I will show you the light side, the bright side, the new and the fresh.  “Chamomile” for Opium Evolution’s – FANTASY Show, Sunday September 30th, high noon SLT.

Playful, light dress with a skirt, hairpiece and arm cuffs made of yellow/gold centered newly blossomed daisy flowers.  So easy to wear and so flattering.  After the show come get yours.

Outfit : Bubble’s Designs – Chamomile

Bubble’s Designs

Fantasy Fashion Show(Bubble’s Designs)

Opium Evolution does the Fantasy Fashion Show at noon on September 30
Fantasy Fashion Show is a fantastic fantasy.
Take you to the world of your dreams
Please you  enjoy
September 30 is coming soon!

Today’s clothing
Bubble’s Designs-ANITA 50′s
Bubble’s Designs great shops from here
Bubble’s Designs

9月30日正午にOpium EvolutionはFantasy Fashion Showを行ないます
Fantasy Fashion Showは幻想的でファンタジー。あなたを夢の世界に連れて行く

Bubble’s Designs-ANITA 50′s

Bubble’s Designs

Opium Evolution Presents Bubbles Designs with Posession Poses..


The Opium Elite Trunk Series invites you to join us  Saturday September 8, 2012 at 3pm Slt for The Bubbles Designs Trunk Show. Featuring a fabulous new collection from Bubbles Designs with guest pose designer, Possesion Poses. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to buy this amazing new collecion first hand ! See ya there!

Bubble’s Design Introduces Kate

It is lovely in details, both elegant and edgy…just stunning. Bubble’s Design offers a gown that is sure to please any woman who appreciates artful quality in design.

Details that will blow your mind.

With lace, buckles, and rivets, tough and elegant at the same time. Pleasing to a woman who knows what she wants.

From the front, the details are lovely. The dress is slit all the way from toe to bodice. Absolutely sexy!

In the full view, notice the petals.


Turn heads with this one of a kind gown.



Black and gold details are beautiful.

Dress: Bubble’s Design Kate

Hair: CheerNo Yalli

Earrings: Gems & Kisses Fleur

Nails: Vendetta from Gems & Kisses

Model: Leesa Donner

Bubble’s Designs-GLAMOROUS

Such a perfectly named design, Glamorous, by Bubble Cyberstar is hitting the stores now. A beautiful bloom of lace like petals form a stunning design.  This gown is beyond words with the tight bodice and full collar. Dainty lace layers and surrounds forming this glamours Glamorous design!



See you at Bubbles!


Bubble’s Designs-ELEGANCE

A new beautiful design by Bubble Cyberstar called Elegance.  The cascading crimson skirt is full and simply stunning.  This elegant gown is perfect for those upcoming summer parties.  Satin fabric outlines your form flowing into the beautiful skirt.

An intricately designed bodice is not only sexy but beautifully added into this formal design.  A full wrapped collar is amazing and the design comes with elbow length formal gloves.



See you at Bubbles!