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Bubble’s Designs ~ Chamomile for Fantasy Show

I will show you the light side, the bright side, the new and the fresh.  “Chamomile” for Opium Evolution’s – FANTASY Show, Sunday September 30th, high noon SLT.

Playful, light dress with a skirt, hairpiece and arm cuffs made of yellow/gold centered newly blossomed daisy flowers.  So easy to wear and so flattering.  After the show come get yours.

Outfit : Bubble’s Designs – Chamomile

Bubble’s Designs

Bubble’s Designs-GLAMOROUS

Such a perfectly named design, Glamorous, by Bubble Cyberstar is hitting the stores now. A beautiful bloom of lace like petals form a stunning design.  This gown is beyond words with the tight bodice and full collar. Dainty lace layers and surrounds forming this glamours Glamorous design!



See you at Bubbles!


Bubble’s Designs-ELEGANCE

A new beautiful design by Bubble Cyberstar called Elegance.  The cascading crimson skirt is full and simply stunning.  This elegant gown is perfect for those upcoming summer parties.  Satin fabric outlines your form flowing into the beautiful skirt.

An intricately designed bodice is not only sexy but beautifully added into this formal design.  A full wrapped collar is amazing and the design comes with elbow length formal gloves.



See you at Bubbles!



Bubble’s Designs- 60L Weekends Brenda & Brandon!

Brenda is one of the 60L weekend offerings from Bubble’s Designs. This outfit is very versatile. It has a sexy, frilly white short sleeved shirt, which you can wear with the sheer black shrug top over it or alone, with its short, upturned  sleeves with prim cuffs and suspenders.

The capri jeans are not your average capri, the prim cuffs are lace under a frilled jean cuff. Bubble Cyberstar also added really cute blue sueded pumps to this ensemble. That is alot for 60Ls!

The detailing on the capris is sweet….top stitching on the two tone jean and rivets, give this capri a really lovely look. You can take Brenda anywhere…to the mall, for a walk, or just taking a ride in your sports car on a warm spring day. This outfit is quite versatile and adorable! And, as always, Bubble leaves her 60L offerings up thru Monday, so you have 3 full days to go to Bubble’s Designs and grab Brenda up to add to your spring wardrobe.

I just adore a great casual outfit. The white short sleeved shirt also has pretty lace trim at the bottom, for some extra cuteness :)

The blue suede pumps are really lovely also, with a bit of a platform on the bottom and a dainty little heel, these shoes are just perfect.

Bubble also has a men’s outfit for 60Ls for the guys, YAY! Brandon is just right for those casual weekends with your lady.

Sleevesless shirt, suspenders and men’s capri jeans with a shirt tied around the waist.  This is great for fishing, hiking, hangin out at the bar with the guys ! Stop by and grab both of these outfits for just 60Ls Weekend….Saturday, Sunday AND Monday ! See you there !

Take the taxi below and head over to Bubble’s Designs to grab up Brenda for a  great 60L weekend !


Bubble’s Designs extends 60Ls Weekend with Nancy!!

I am honored to present a new designer to our blog today, Bubble’s Designs! This is a really nice ensemble and Bubble Cyberstar, owner/designer has put this sweet pantsuit out for 60L Weekend, but she always extends her 60L weekend item thru Monday, YAY!

Nancy by Bubble’s Designs says “stylish bad girl” to me. Black lace trimmed bra top covered by a truly unique and adorable shirt with puffy sleeves,  fingerless stylish gloves for your hands and sweetly feminine, pinstriped pants with nicely tailored, wide bell bottoms and the same delicate lace trims the waist.

This is one feminine  ensemble,  I love it. It’s also really sweet to find someone who extends their 60L Weekend items thru Monday….this is the perfect little pantsuit and for 60Ls …..WOW !

Take the LM below and head over to Bubble’s Designs for this super Monday 60L sale…..thank you Bubble Cyberstar & Bubble’s Designs for making our Monday a little sweeter :D

While you’re there make sure to check out her Hunt and Lucky Chairs too !

Bubble’s Designs-http://slurl.com/secondlife/Saturn/35/242/27/