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Strip’d and Purple Moon

Stripd35 stripd34When I first saw this Mesh top named Desiree from designer Valentine Rexen  of Strip’d I just had to have it.This top  was fun and cute and screamed to me 80′s all the way.Paired with one of Purple Moon’s creator Poulet Koenkamp New Mesh Pencil skirt Break Skirt in black it’s just a great ensemble together.

You should really check out both of these fabulous stores they  have so much to offer and all items are high on quality and detail.


Top-Strip’d Fashion by Valentine Rexen:Desiree

Skirt-Purple Moon by Poulet Koenkamp:Black Break Skirt

Collar-Moyet by 577.moyet:Spiked Collar

Diamond Wrist Cuffs-Injected  by Lanna Pixelmaid:Diamond Multiples

Boots-J’s by JB Gazov:Studded Long Boots



Chop Zuey and Gizza

Chop Zuey Owner Belle Roussel Does it again with this beautiful Necklace and Earring set named Night Mystery it’s absolutely stunning and it goes perfectly with Gizza’s  new Mesh lingerie  named Morning After. Creator Giz Seorn  really heats it up  this winter for us.

Stop by both Gizza and Chop Zuey  and check out  there  amazing collections

Chop Zuey Slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Chop%20Zuey/65/133/24/

Gizza Slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/GizzA%20Creations/132/112/72/

Purple Moon New Mesh Skinny Jeans

Poulet Koenkamp owner and designer of Purple Moon has done it again creating your new must have .Skinny Jeans in Black have quickly became one of my favorite items in my inventory they come in many sizes and fit perfectly alot of work and detail went into these.Check them out for yourself at Purple Moon.

Slurl: Etherea (168,73,22)

Mystical News by Mea Culpa :)

(Outfit: Mea Culpa – Black Widdow, Skin: Nuuna’s, Pose: Body Talking, Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin)

“Black Widdow” is the latest release of Tatanka Kaligawa, designer of Mea Culpa. A beautiful black and mystical gown that turns heads everywhere. The long gown is decorated with amazing silver ornaments that go over the whole outfit. The prims that are attached in the back give a lightly asian touch, and make a wonderful transparent contrast. The big “fan” looking back parts are lightly transparent and wonderful flexible and move behind with every step you take. The clothing layers are made of amazing detailed textures that give the whole gown a fantastic formal and sophisticated touch. The shoulders carries very noble and lightly puffy sleeves. A total eye catcher is the hat. it is connected to the spine and “hovers” over your head. Lace hangs down in the back and the front is decorated with light silver lines. On the top of the hat you can find 2 awesome flowers that add a lightly sweet touch as a sweet contrast to the spiky, silver neck collar.

On every ballroom event or dinner party you will be the center of view with that fabulous gown!

(Outfit: Mea Culpa – Black Widdow, Skin: Nuuna’s, Pose: Body Talking, Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin)

Step into beauty….with Angel Dessous couture

 Step into beauty….with Angel Dessous couture

  A beautiful design from SLs lovely creative deisgner, Jezzy McCallen of Angel Dessous couture.  The Madeleine gown in raven is just one design that will be spotlighted. Madeleine is a sensual lace gown that has so many beautiful points it is hard to know where to start.

The sensual flow of the black and lighter grey brocade design of the fabric is one of the best fabric textures I personally have ever seen inworld.  The gowns design is a tradition straight cut, with a scalloped neckline accented with lovely sculpted lilies. The flowers are available in a small or long flowing design. Each blossom is so well detailed, you can see the veins in the petals and even the stamen of the bloom. The larger flow of the flowers, form a semi sleeve curving over the shoulder line.  Satin long gloves are also included, and beautifully accented  with a laced edge.  A form fitting bodice shows the lovely criss crossed lace along the spine in a dainty closure that is textured so wonderfully it appears sculpted (its not though) 

Should your evening call for something not quite as formal as the Madeleine gown, the designer has the answer for you. Madeleine comes with a shorter skirt version.  All of the beauty encased in the formal long gown, drawn into a flirty soft mini dress.  The layered lace skirt flows smoothly with movement and is cut in a cascading front to back fall.  This is perfect for either formal or semi formal if you ask me :)   Both designs feature the gloves, flower options, and a feathered hat (seen in all photos.)

I have seen so many hats inworld but this is one that deserves an entire blog of its own.  The plumes that extend out forming a fan, not only freely move with your movements, but the softness and realistic detail that has been achieved in those small aspects are simply phenomenal. Several ribbon pins accent the piece forming an intricate design that would work well with other gowns.  I am simply blown away by the creativity, beautiful and realistic designs of Jezzy McCalle.  I for one will be at Angel Dessous Couture frequently from here on. Her designs are by far simply amazing. 


Want to see more from Opium?  Make sure you are at the Time Machine Fashion show presented by Opium Fashions.   Show begins 7/1/2010 with two viewings at 1pmslt, and 6pmslt. Make sure you do not miss this show.



**Sexy shoes by Diva!  (more to come on another great shoe designer in the next day or so) Make sure you keep checking the Opium Blog to keep up to date :O) and learn more about what SLs Top Fashionistas are stepping out in~