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To Each His Own

Some new releases from Countdown, Eshi, and Chop Zuey

Eshi Dot Makeup Rose

Chop Zuey To Each his Dolcinea Gold

Countdown Elie in Gold

Eshi Otawarahttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/blackLiquid/37/92/747

Chop Zuey: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chop%20Zuey/43/141/26

Countdown: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Meadow%20Blossom/38/229/2501


A stunning new Autumn Collection by the talented designers at Violator, Soraya Vaher unveils the breathtaking remake of the The Black Swan Theory this time, the Gold Edition …Always known for detail, this gown is one that has always topped the charts.  In Gold it is no different.

A beautiful swirling mix of golden showers, animal print, and flexible prims encasing to form a stunning gown for any event.  The metallic golden sash is a personal favorite touch.  The textures and build of this is so real you start wondering just how many of the gold bars that it took to build this??




An awesome autumn edition to the Violator line this gown is in itself but if you know Soraya you know it doesn’t stop there.  This design comes with hair and makeup!  Shown here the Violator-I See You II-Eyelashes and Makeup are a great match to The Black Swan gown in Gold.  The hair is Violators Bird of Prey in Black.  To finish off the look in perfect avant garde fashion, Violators Scream of the Raptor shoes.

Available at the tp point, this is one gown you MUST have in your closet for those special occassions that are adding up on the social calendar for this fall.


See you at Violator!  Your Limo is here




Violator at the Jewelry Fair~

If you haven’t been yet you have to get to the fair!  One of my favorite times of the year are the fairs, be it hair, poses or in this case JEWELRY!! A girl can never have too much, or can she? *tucks away her inventory for a later discussion*  No definitely you can NEVER have too many diamonds!  Well one of Second Lifes finest is of course involved at this years fair, Mrs Soraya Vaher of Violator.  I had the opportunity to take a peek at some of her newest designs.  This lady has talent, and boy is it busting at the seams.

WAR is just one of the new haute designs… Simply stunning, an abstract array of spikes fitted perfectly to form earrings, and a matching set of shoulder pads.  The choker is an intricate design that coils around your neck with a drop down spike forming a cross on the torso.  Shown with Violators new Dirty Rich Hair in Chocolate, matching I See You II-Eyelashes and makeup in black.

Next is the jewelry set called Jesus Is Lady.  A dual crown befitting any beauty queen, gold or platinum spikes adorn this intricate design.  Spiked earrings and collar match accordingly and although a bit of a ‘sharp point’  this could add a softness to a beautiful Avant Garde fashion.  Simply breath taking.

One last sneak peak for now that I got hint of from the lovely Violator collection is another hair.  Called HACK, the hair attachment shown here in chocolate comes with two different options.  One with the glowing face shield for those  new age designs we all seem to be styling these days or for a softer step onto the runway you can wear it without the face shield.

Now enough blogging~ Lets get to the Jewelry FAIR!!! See you there

Fair:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Jewelry%20Fair%20Fire/13/14/771

Main store:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Violator%20HQ/117/117/22

Mmm Mmm MMmm Mea Culpa ~

We all know what those sweet words do to us “Mea Culpa” and “New Release”  Anyone whos anyone is rushing down to gaze and ahh over the fabulous designs of Mea Culpas own Tatanka Kaligawa.  One of his newest creations is Time Warp. A delectable design that swirls and merges into the depths of this intriguing design.

The metallic inlay waves into delicate ripples forming a transporting you into another dimension of space and time. Glimmering silver metals twists and swirl forming a bodice sweeping out at the hips in dual spears that fall to each side of the hips.

 A form fitting gown flaring at the waistline and hemline produce an exquisite design that could easily pass for a two piece couture set or a single beautiful gown.  So versatile yet something that needs no introduction with its ‘wow’ factor.

The sexy bodice is finished beautifully with sculpted arm pads that form a unique style of geometrical sleeves.  The neckline of the outfit is finished in a spectacular metal collar that shines like no other metallic texture I have seen in SL.

Also included in this design is an option head piece.  This, much like the gown is simply breath taking.  A warrior style helmet, the head piece fits perfectly over any hair style so you are sure to win  any battle when it comes to beauty.

With or without the hat, to the left to

Purple Style Desaster By Mea Culpa !

What do you have when you mix a bit of fantasy with a bit of whimsy and a heaping serving of avant garde? Mea Culpa, of course !

From the moment I slipped into Purple Style Desaster I felt transformed into a delicate, lovely flower…. but a really sexy flower….rawr!

From the adorned headpiece to the intricate orchid hued brocade fabric, to the seductively mysterious lines of Purple Style Desaster, Tatanka Kaligawa has created a masterpiece that is just stunning.

This gown is form fitting and ruffled and just simply “THE gown” to have when you want to make a lasting impression.

When you want to be the center of attention and make a grand entrance…. Mea Culpa !

Mea Culpa-  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Timeless%20You/136/94/27

The Beginning ~ Mea Culpa

I just got back from “The Beginning ~ Mea Culpa” and all I can say is…Oh My God, what a show !
The models looked stunning draped in the styles of designer Tatanka Kaligawa, with dramatic poses from Body Talking complimenting the creations. Each model floated and spun and had sparkles, feathers, gems, birds, spider webs and rays of light projecting from them gorgeously.
What a wonderful show and what a true talent Tatanka Kaligawa is. As each model sashayed onto the elaborate runway, each outfit more stunningly creative than the last.
This is such an amazing show, which is why I couldn’t wait to post this….there is another show at 6 pm slt today, you do not want to miss this!
So many words come to mind when I watched each of the Mea Culpa designs hit the catwalk…Each and every ensemble is so artistic, distinct, inventive and dramatic…And in this case I do adore the drama, hehe!
Tatanka is ingenious in his insight, I have never seen such a huge amount of imagination put forth in clothing design. He brings it to a whole new level… it is like fantasy meets the future meets high fashion. I heard many murmurings of Brilliant, Wow, stunning,gorgeous and amazing !
His vision is futuristic. His couture is elegant. His imagination is limitless. This is not your everyday fashion, but it sure is HAUTE !! This show is truly a superior show and one of a kind! A work of art from beginning to end !