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Graceful As A Hummingbird..an Impossible Dream..

Animals Speak collection by Chop Zuey strikes again with this stunning Set of Couture Jewels. The Impossible Dream Set.


One of my personal favorites from this enchanting collection is The Impossible Dream  Hummingbird Set. She flutters gracefully in her speckled jewel body glistening as golden as the sun. The nectar she hungers for so sweet as she sups upon the beautifully shaded and detailed cream and pink orchids. The golden mesh around the collar type neck piece almost threatens her freedom …good thing is it far enough away to not trap her.  The stellar detail and romantic charm of this set makes one just sit back and day dream of a place more peaceful.


Whimsical flowerettes dangle from the lobes at just the right amount of length to accent the beauty around it..of both you… and the bird..


Just one more of the amazing collection I will be showcasing here for all of you jewel lovers. This set as well as all of Belle’s creations would make amazing gifts for yoruself..or those you love this holiday season.


Make sure you slip into Chop Zuey’s Mainstore to see what speaks to you!


Got Milk?- Chop Zuey Does!

What an amazing treat I have to show you all today.  Another stellar piece from The Animal Speaks Collection at Chop Zuey.  Belle Roussel really takes the spotlight with this imaginative work of art. The Got Milk? Panda Choker.

Chop Zuey's Got Milk? Panda Choker


I’m not often at a loss for words but truly, this cute snuggly panda looks so real as it hugs his little tree branches that you could almost pick him up and snuggle him yourself!. The attention Belle applies to detail never stops. Just look at the cute little leaf he is chewing on.


Just as this creatively couture little guy hungers, so will YOU as each piece in this collection just seems to remind us of the beautiful creatures in our world.


The beauty and sheer talent in this piece doesn’t stop here. Oh No! Look at the artistic flair and soft shading of the choker itself. Soft bamboo hugs your throat so delicately. Diamonds glisten on the leaves of the foliage so realistically youd swear they were drops of morning dew shining in the sunlight.  Who says you can;t find jewels that enhance your natural beauty. Chop Zuey is a feeling …a wondrement to get lost within as you seek to connect to nature. 


Please stay tuned as I will be showcasing more pieces from this legendary collection. So much love and passion have gone into each and every set. Please show Belle and Chop Zuey your love by making a date to visit her mainstore. You will fall in love.  Bring your SL wallets because these pieces make wonderful gifts for rez days and the upcoming holidays. Who wouldn’t want to own a slice of nature couture?

 Chop Zuey Main Store:


Dahlinks knows what girls want…

I just have to show you some gorgeous jewels. When something looks and feles SO good it should be shared.  These pieces from Dahlink are just that.

Lets have a close up look at just a few of the beautiful things you will find


Dahlinks Pale Horse Set

 Next up is King Solomon Set in Ivory and Black.

Dahlinks King Solomon Set

 The third set I’d love to share with you comes with a color changing hud. You can change metals, gemstones, all kinds of goodies. The Bew Beginings Set.

Dahlinks New Beginings Set

Diamonds ARE  a girls best friend they say and with this sext set  I must say I agree. This collar necklace is simply enchanting.

Dahlinks Czarina Black Diamond Collar Necklace

 Straight ahead for another beautiful set.

Louise Brooks- Vintage Broadway Set by Dahlinks

 The Louise Brooks Vintage Broadway set is classic elegance. How could any jewel lover not have to have this in her SL jewelry case. The diamonds glutter as the soft romantic ribbon ties in back for that elite showstopper look.


These are but a few glimpses of the amazing things Dahlinks has waiting for you.


Please visit Dahlinks Main Store today and pick these and many others just as beautiful  up today!


Meet & Greet Designer Belle Roussel – Chop Zuey

How did you discover Second Life?
I was watching an episode of CSI that was about a killer in SL .. lol ..and went to check it out…… i havent logged off since.

How did you start designing ?
Well..its a strange story… goes like this: I used to own clubs in SL, big clubs that were very successful.  When we had to close my last club down suddenly due to real life problems that my business partner was having at the time, I was left with many unemployed dancers.  These were people that had been with me for years — loyal, hardworking, people, many good friends — and I felt terrible about it.  They had no warning that we were closing; none of us did.   So, I decided I was going to open some kind of business that I could share with them to help them make money.  I got to work immediately, and in two weeks’ time, I had about 5 or 6 collections of jewelry done.  Thus, the birth of Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery.  I made it a franchise and gave it out to all my loyal and wonderful dancers who wanted to be part of it.  Most of them are still with me today working and making great money with Chop Zuey.  I have since opened the franchise up to anyone in SL, and it’s been a great experience. 

How did you come up with your brand name?
Its the name of my little doggie… we call her the Chop Zuey Princess.

What is your favorite creation you’ve made?
omg.. impossible to name..but I will tell you that my last release of the Animal Speaks Collection was a great challenge of which I am very proud.  I spent months working on it,  studying the qualities and purpose of each animal.. its a subject close to my heart and it was very inspiring to work on it.  Also a portion of the proceeds of that collection goes to the National Wildlife Federation

How would you describe your style and how do you get inspired to create your designs?
I would describe my style as classic and edgy at the same time and very ‘relatable’.  I feel like People connect with my designs when they see them.  As far as inspiration – that can really come from anywhere.. I am a RL Opera Singer by profession, So I think I mostly get inspired by the classics.. music, literature, Poetry, Art.. I love them all and always feel ready to work after being involved somehow with them.

What do you believe is the key to being a successful designer in SL?
Relationships and giving to others has been the key to my success in SL and also RL.

What are your future goals as a designer in SL?
To clear my schedule so I can have more time just to design!!!

Who  are your favorite RL and SL designers?
hmm..thats hard..I dont really bother with what other people are doing…I just do what I feel I am called to do.  And try to always do what makes me happy.

What are your favorite activities in SL in your free time?
I have no free time in SL :(

Are you wearing one of your creations today?
yes, I”m wearing the Shaman Royalty Set from The Animal Speaks Collection. 


Lets have a look at just a few of the amazing pieces from the new  Animal Speaks Collection.

Widow Walker SIlver by Chop Zuey

This truly stunning set starts with a beautifully crafted black widow spider that sits delicately on your shoulder.  Beautiful dangle earrings adorn the ears as the inricate silver and black fan webs along your body to create the illusion that the widows home hasnt strayed very far. WOW

Widow Walker In Silver

The *web* fan is so intricate made of shimmering jewels . Matching bracelets finish this stellar set showing us just how much time.. creativity and love.. went into creating it.


Octopussy in Black by Chop Zuey

Lets have a look at one more breathtaking set. Octopussy , shown here in Black.

Octopussy In Black

This set is just so beautiful. From the fringed lower piece of the necklace that brings to the air the feel of the octopus’s *legs* to the gorgeous choker embellished with opalescent moon stones (also crafted upon the matching earrings)  that lead us right up to the scene stealing crafted Octopus herself. One can see why Belle Roussel has certainly found her love for this collection. There are many more pieces in the Animal Speaks Collection from Chop Zuey and trust us.. You will want to own them all in every color.


Belle’s jeweled art will be showcased in this weekends Opium Tales- The Haunted Mansion.  Make sure you come to see more of these bewitching designs and then run to her store, and purchase some for your own SL jewelry armoire.


Thank you Belle for speaking with us today, We cannot wait to see what comes next from your vividly creative mind! Stay Tuned!


Please take some time to visit Chop Zuey there is SO much to fall in love with.. and collect!

Chop Zuey Main Store:


The Dead End is Just the Spot For Halloween!

Venus Flytrap, the genuis designer behind the Ghost Avatars of The Dead End just sent me some newness , right in time for Halloween.

I had to give you a peek at her new Male Ghosts. They were created for..and will be featured in Opium Fashion Ageny’s Opium Tales- The Haunted Mansion. So without any further ado..lets show this amazinly realistic new line of handsome haunts.

Ghost Grandpa From The Dead End


Ghost Manson From The Dead End


Ghost Michael From The Dead End


As you can asee each avatar is complete with hair, clothing ,shoes and even an Ao. You can use it to dance and sit on any poseball and it also comes with a NPC that will enable to, when used, move through people and walls.

Ghost Robert From The Dead End


Ghost Rock From The Dead End


These details are so stellar and realistic you will be amazed. Highly affordable as well, these halloween haunts are waiting to make your SL festivities the scariest yet!.

Watch for the next post with the Newest Female Ghost Avatars. Soon to Come.

Make sure you swing by The Dead End and tell Venus Opium said Hi!

The Dead End Main Store:


Fall ….in Love…. With Purple Moon..Fall – Winter 2011

OO I was so excited when I opened this little bloggers box today. Amazing new items for Fall from Purple Moon. I am sure you will also fall in love with this fabulous peek at the new Fall -Winter 2011 Collection.

 The fabulous Zoralie coat The Atomic Jewel set in Gold/Blue starts us off!

Zoralie Coat in Blue

 The Zoralie coat is absolutely devine. Shown here in dark blue we have Fur! A must have for colder Fall and Winter seasons.  The collar, cuffs and hemming give us warmth and drama as the sculpted velvet body adds flair and style.




Next we have the Mabel Sleeveless Pullover in Blue and the stunning and oh so sexy Tess Skirt in Steel. There are several options with both of these pieces. The amazing knit detal of the pullover can be worn as shown here with the lower piece or add the high waistband and belt of the Tess skirt to show more of that sexy hourglass figure.

Lets look at some more pieces from this stellar collection shall we?


Shoes , Boots and Scarves  OH MY!

First up the comfy boots in 2 gorgeous colors Steel and Brown. I absolutely LOVE these for several reasons but most noted is the different ways to wear them.




Buttons, buckles and knit. How could you go wrong in these?

And last but ever so certainly NOT least the sexy Growl Pumps and Scarf. Shown here in Blue.



The added leopard print just gives us the the wild edge needed to bring all this couture goodness into one season!.


All of these designs are from the new Fall-Winter Collection 2011 and are available NOW. They have set up a BLUE ROOM right at the entrance where these already are on display along with some posters of the new items.


Hurry over to the Blue Room at Purple Moon and pick these up right away. Tell Poulet that Opium Sent ya!


You can find all of these otems for sale here :