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Vintage chic from Sascha’s Designs

It’s been quite a while since I last posted on Opium Insight and I have to say…I missed it greatly. I hope to make post frequently on here once again! Today I’ve got the honor of showing off my new coat from Sascha’s Designs! Since fall is now upon us and we’re looking forward to cooler weather, this jacket definitely fits the season. As many of you know, the Vintage Fair is also going on right now, so I’ve been somewhat stuck in a 70′s kind of mood as of late. This jacket seriously has a funkalicious vintage vibe, but can also be worn in a more toned down, classy manner if you so desire!



Most people tend to favor warmer colors in the autumn for obvious reasons (I’m a fan of the warmer tones, I admit) & I’m loving the jacket in this tone, however it also comes in white, pink, lavender, black and purple for those who tend to gravitate towards those colors, so there’s something for everyone.




I had such fun putting this style together. Sometimes when you find a certain item that’s screaming to be worn, building a look from that central item (whether it’s an article of clothing, hairstyle, skin or piece of jewelry) can totally put you in a bubbly mood and make you feel accomplished. I know I feel pretty perky and I’m not usually so chipper on a Monday!



Visit Sascha’s Designs today!


-Jacket: Potpourri Beige by SAS – Sascha’s Designs (Sascha Frangilli)
-Skin: Kira Ahn (vintage skin from Dekade – now CheerNo)
-Hair: Tuty’s Creations
-Shorts & Belt: *Fishy Strawberry*
-Top: Zaara
-Boots: Elikatira
-Earrings: H.O.D. by Aydan Darcy (previous subscribo gift)
-Necklace: Fairy Tail (Free! From the group lucky board!)
-Eye makeup: cheLLe & Pekka
-Poses: *EverGlow*

Precious Aurora Jewels

It’s fall and party season. That means time to wear some fancy and even formal clothes. And – time to sparkle! Being a model I am always on the prowl for the perfect accessory and I have a special liking for precious jewels – well what girl hasn’t right? And not long ago I stumbled across this awsome boutique – Aurora Collection – which sells the elaborate jewelry designed by mister Alien Blessed. His creations range from the modern minimalist to extremely detailed pieces and a lot of the pieces are menu driven meaning you can change size, glow, gemstones, metals and colors. That makes these necklaces, rings and bracelet’s extremely versatile and I have got to say they hang just beautiful on the female physique. On the photo above I am wearing the “Anne” pendant earrings with the black onyx gemstone set to medium glow. This piece also has a matching necklace and bracelet.

This photo I’m wearing the “Princess” in gold with white diamonds, a necklace that is beautiful for the blushing bride as well as dancing around your studio in your best lingerie, which I tend to do a lot. LOL. Anyway, says Alien Blessed: “This jewelry for the woman who wants to feel loved each time she wears it. Each piece is thoughtfully created and painstakingly planned with stunning elegance and captivating originality. Buy for yourself to feel special or buy it for someone who is special to you!” Darn I feel special already – and I bought it for myself! Now do yourself a favour and visit Aurora Collection in the  DreamWalker sim today, indulge in some luxury. I promise you won’t regret it!

I’m wearing:

Top photo: “Anne” pendant earrings by  Aurora Collection, skin: EclatSuntan-makeup3 by  Lelutka, hair: “Kennedy” in pale blonde by  Chantkare, dress by Glam Affair

Bottom photo: “Princess” necklace by Aurora Collection, skin: EclatSuntan-makeup3 by  Lelutka, hair: “Victoria” in pale blonde by  Cake, pale blue bra by Angel Dessous.

Summer of Love Fair Has Some Great Choices-

Fashion for Mental Health Awareness

:: T H E F A C T S ::
+ Summer of Love Fair will be between Midnight GMT July 17th (as July 18th breaks) until August 8th.
+ It is brought to you by Keira Seerose & her team, CHIC Management.
+ The site to link to for more information about this fair is www.chic-management.com

+ ALL of the items presented in the fair from EVERY brand will be brand new and only sold at this venue, making the SOL fair the place to be throughout July.

+ Some of the designers will be donating some of their profits to Hopeline (www.Hopeline.com), but not all of them. This event is for AWARENESS not for CHARITY.

:: T H E F A S H I O N ::
This July, a selection of your favourite designers will be presenting us with brand new items at the Summer of Love Fair. These items will be available at the fair and nowhere else (at least ’til it’s over). Clothing, skins, hair, poses, accessories and more… we’ve got you covered.

As you all know The Summer of Love Fair is in full swing…..with talented designers from all over the grid.

They offer a bit of everything from poses, to clothing, shapes, skins, and household items, and accessories, just to name a few.

:: T HE D E S I G N E R S ::

DeeTaleZ, Long Awkward Poses, Deviant Designs, Berries Inc., King For Men, Caroline’s Jewelry, MADesigns / KMADD, Dahlinks Jewelry, Posh, KIM Bodysuits, Botanical, Twisted and Spoiled, Casa Del Shai, TonkTastic, Khai Sinister, :: Exodi ::, Elate!, -iPoke- Piercings, Baffle!, .:Ducknipple:., PIDIDDLE, Nomine, Bomb !, CaLLie Cline, skream!, :::LiNe:::, ~SIGMA~Jewels, :. WoE .:, Slash Me Poses, :: Awesome Blossom ::, Tyranny Designs, .: Acid & Mala Creations:., Diesel Works, BAIASTICE, *BOOM* Clothing, Accessories by Eolande, HYPER CULTURE & HYPER MALE, A&A Fashion,  Scribble, Indyra Originals, LacieCakes, Urbanity, HOC Industries, aDIVA couture, what next, << Mannequin Poses >>, *Bliss Couture*, SF Designs, !Tarnished, Slutcookie, III, Alexohol, -VP- Vivaposes, {Little Pricks}, Heart & Sole, Wicked Gear, V3 Tattoos, DD Style, Honey and Vinegar, Hearse Ltd., *tw, Fab.Pony, Acide!, Black&Blue Outfitters, =^.^=SWEET LEONARD <3, Cynful, FurseTri, ***Just You***, -MonS-, CandyDoll, Mynerva, HELLO DAVE, Fusion, A-BOMB, : FALLEN Style :, BeScene Poses, !Imabee, * Just Me *, Goth1c0, *~:: Sassy Kitty Designs ::~*, Filthy Gorgeous, Flavor! Designs, Indie Rose, Broken Doll, **TKO**, [Muted] Fashion, thick, :KC: Hair, mY pINKIE sKull, .:Shush:., – Precious Restless & Vitabela Dubrovna, Cleo Designs, ~SHAG~, Izzies, Fhang Candy, Morantique Lush, KHUSH, Donna Flora, ::^^TASTY^^::, ::COOL BEANS::, .:::GARAGE:::., Pulling Strings, Panda Express, CnS e-motion, Holli Pocket, nina., ~TIK TOK~, MFP Princess, TICKETme, Frippery, Gems & Kisses,  N’Soul, Xplosion, Ginevra Lancaster Fashion Designs, aRAWRa, .:Relentless Couture:., Humby Designs, [si:n], *LP* design, Orange Creations, + Mariposa +, Medley, Polaris, Plastic FLowers, .::Passionate Neko::., Fairy Tail, Look@me Poses, JAZMYN D, Intrique Co., [VIRTUAL/INSANITY], HOUSE of LONDON, Addiction Jewelry, Afflicted Clothing, Mannequin, ILAYA, *Amacci*, >>>moloko<<<, Show me on the Doll, Olive Juice, NADAS, TuttiFrutti, BOUNCE, Dead Carrot, Dernier Cri, Exile, ploom, Glam Affair, Evie’s Closet, Cupcakes, Iori Lasek, Reale, Nyte’N'Day, glow  Studio, Dustarrz, Pea-in-a-Pod, Fall Out and Fall In, TART, BLITZED, The Plastik, rbcg, BUTT-ERR, FourSquares, Lara Skin, Zoobong, Wasted Youth, N1CO, Barcode, T Junction, Mstyle, Area Code, Just A Pose, Ayumi, Poised and RICIELLI.

Big designers, lots of goodies, new designs that are only here! It’s worth the trip and “THE PLACE”  to be in July.

Summer of Love Fair LM below -


Opium Tales – Mannequins…review of a fantastic show and fantastic accessories!!!

Last week opium had another amazing and fabulous show. “Opium Tales Mannequin – It’s all about the accessories” Not the avatar was focus of that show neither clothing designs… just the accessories that make every outfits to something special. I liked this show so much that I would like to review the stunning things I was given for that show :) and for sure all the fabulous Stiletto Moodys I got! Stiletto Moody sponsored every outfit with one pair of the fantastic and wonderful heels!!!

My first outfit was a mixture of Haysuriza glasses, a Lady Flora, belt from Gabriel and fingernails from Talon Faire…AND the amazing Stiletto Moody “Bare Ava” in rocking aubergine!!! As you can see the skin tone of the bare foot can be matched to every color of skin even black!!!! The combination of the color the sharp spikes and the shining gems are an awesome way to show character and make your shoes the center of your outfit ;)

For the next round I was wearing a combination of a lovely daisy outfit from Talon Faire, a Fyreworks Necklace, hair from Tukinowaguma and the fantastic new “Bare Fay” wild set heels from Stiletto Moody. This fresh and wonderful colors and textures a totally eye catcher with the animal print combined with that light blue..simply amazing and outstanding! Stiletto Moody again raised the level for stylish and perfect designed high heels!

My 3rd outfit contained jewelry from MC Designs, Tukinowaguma hair and again one version of the amazing new Stiletto Moody “Bare Fay” wild set colors called kaleido. The kaleido texture is available with 3 different colors for the “Bare Fay” style. For me the light blue one was matching this out fit best. And not only black is possible for an unusual skintone…even the white tone of the WDB Fantasy Skins could be matched for the bare foot tone of the stunning  Stiletto Moodys!

Again in the metalic black skin of Yabusaka I was allowed to show another set of the MC Designs jewelry,the Swirls2 Eye tattoo from Talon Faire,  a cloche from House of Nyla and another style of the new spring collection of Stiletto Moody. The ” Bare Robin” ankle boots here shown in red python. *rooooaar* This texture is definitely some for the brave fashionista that dares to show color and style. The amazing, shining, red colored python texture is so amazing detailed…breath taking realistic. Also the zipper that is open in this version so that the sweet ankle straps show off and the stitched leather turns inside out… simply wonderful!

My last outfit was made of another WDB Fantasy Skin, a wonderful black, flexible boa with Bangles from Myth and again another version of the fantastic Stiletto Moody “Bare Robin” ankle boots here in the kaleido color and with a closed zipper. The options of opened and closed zipper and also the different colors for the metal parts are part of this great pair of Stiletto Moody also. You can choose by yourself, if you wanna wear “Bare Robin” with open or closed zipper, or with or without ankle straps. The kaleido texture gives a perfect spring and summer feeling with its amazing colors!

For me it was an amazing opportunity to walk this show and I would like all the designers and the Opium Family that made this show possible… for me it was something new in SL to have only the accessories in the focus of a great show.

All shoes by Stiletto Moody

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin