The Trunk Show Series

Opium Elite Fashion House
Trunk Series™

We would like to personally invite you to take part in the exciting new Opium Elite Fashion House Trunk Series.

What is a trunk show?

A “trunk show” is a special sale in which vendors present merchandise directly to store personnel or select customers at a retail location or unique venue. In many cases it allows store personnel to preview and/or purchase merchandise before it is made available to the public. It is also a unique way for the designer to personalize their lines, talking about the story behind their merchandise an their brand. Most businesses do this to get more buys.

How does a trunk show work?

You have the choice of three to 12 designs. This can be an entire new collection, select new pieces or older pieces you want to get back out there. We at Opium know this is an exciting new (but old) way to generate sales. With more detail put on the clothing for longer periods, this gives the clientèle a unique-up-close way to really see your designs. For new designs, it gives them the opportunity to purchase them before being released to the general public. For already released designs, it creates new buzz about the product.

This is also a low-cost alternative for you, the designer, to generate more significant sales thus earning you new loyal customers for a fraction of a full runway show which costs around a minimum of $25,000 to produce total.

How much does it cost, and what do I get for it?

Package 1:

3-6 designs- $6,000L

Package 2:

7-12 designs – $10,000L

Generally, trunk shows are held at the designer’s location. Bringing people in is half the battle for designers, and this brings them to your doorstep. The other half is getting them to hit buy. Opium models will display your work, letting the customers see the product as it would appear in 3D.

These prices also includes blogging 3 items for the $6,000 package and 5 items $10,000 package on our blog at, a blog which receives an average of 66,000 unique page views a month. You will also receive models from Opium agency to display your designs, letting customers get an up-close look at how your products look fully ressed in their full glory – Let them imagine themselves wearing it.

What’s the difference between a trunk show and a runway show?

Trunk show costs are much less than the cost of a full runway production. The average minimum runway production costs around $25,000L, and they usually involve several designers’ products – but how often do you see the designer? Trunk shows are about you, the designer, and your brand exclusively. They are more intimate and informal. You don’t share the stage. You get more input on how your work is displayed, and you get a chance to talk about one of your favorite things to talk about – your brand.

At Opium, it’s not about us. It’s about you. We support content creators 100 percent in Second Life®, and this will be an astounding turn for the industry. Opium is known for its professionalism and innovation. We look forward to showcasing your designs and generating you more sales in our upcoming Opium Fashion House Trunk Series.

Contact Opium CEO/Owner Anastacia Markova or Opium Designer Liaison Lorelei Maggs today to schedule your trunk show.

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