Luralie Bailey

How would you describe your overall fashion sense?
Diva Couture Fantasy ( shrugs…. I’m a camielon, a model becomes the designers fantsy, I’ll be who you tell me to be…lol)
What is your favorite thing to blog?
Avant Guard Items , High Fashion Fits
Name 5 of your favorite designers in SL-
1- Sissy Baiastice, Baiastice
2- Applonia Criss, Chantaker
3- Ava Lu, Paper Couture
4- Minnu Palen, Lelutka
5-Jade Emery, Emery
6. Donna flora, Donna Flora
7. Miciah Kento , Gypsy
( sorry can’t help myself)
What do you like best about SL fashion?
Fashion in sl explores the ideals of a world wide one world culture and united fashion since gets to share in a united fashion since  that the rl can not have.  Also, we can be and wear style that we may never touch in rl. OHHH and I can buy stuff here that i’d  never in a million years ever have the pleasure of owning.
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