Trouble TJ Ingelwood

How would you describe your overall fashion sense?
I’m an all-american guy…for me, dress up in RL is Brooks Brothers suits, casual is Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie, and GAP… who I am in RL tends to be who I am in SL in terms of fashion.  I like new designs, I like to mix and match, taking pieces and prims from multiple different outfits and creating an entirely different look that nobody else will have.
What is your favorite thing to blog?
Anything I can have some fun with and be creative with.  Part of the fun of blogging is telling a story in your photos and your narrative so people really get a sense of what your describing and want to buy it because you made it look and sound great.  I challenge myself to do more with photography and writing because it’s fun.  My trademark has become the landmark/SLurl vehicle:  I offer a ride to the store in a vehicle that suits the items I’m blogging.  The best ways I know to help designers:  wear their clothes well and draw as much attention to them in my blogs.

Name 5 of your favorite designers in SL-



3- Sartoria

4- Miamai

5- Gabriel

What do you like best about SL fashion?

It’s affordable!  I like seeing designers grow and evolve.  In the two years I have been in SL, men’s fashion has come a long way from flat, no prim, painted on skin looks to highly detailed, high prim, fully customizable 3 dimensional pieces that are really remarkable.

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