Jasmine Night

How would you describe your overall fashion sense?
I think I tend to the more classic, tailored lines of fashion.  I love a very clean and elegant look and that’s usualy how I prefer to style myself.
What is your favorite thing to blog?
My favorite thing to blog is ..well…everything. LOL   I love to blog outfits that I can build a story around, that sparks a notion in my head that shapes the way I style it and sometimes even the way I write the blog or take the pictures.
Name 5 of your favorite designers in SL-
1- Tres Beau
2- Chantkare
3- Baiastice
4- CoCo
5- LeeZu
What do you like best about SL fashion?
I love the flexibility of it…and the creativity of it.  The fashion in SL allows us to become walking canvases of artwork  in ways that are just not possible in real life.
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