Avona Ryba

How would you describe your overall fashion sense?

Good styling and great eye for detail. Open to most fashions but loves the well styled couture look

What is your favorite thing to blog?

I’m happy to blog most things… though fashion is a fav… but I do have enough gowns to start my  own store hehe… so casual would be fantastic… but as i said I’m happy to blog most things :) )
Name 5 of your favorite designers in SL- in no particular order…
1-Bax Coen…. love love love!!!!
2- Lara Skins – Lara Hurley   … Gorgeous!!!
3- Waka & Yuki… Hair to die for!!!!
4- Donna Flora for  that special vintage look
5- Miamai… smexy !!
6- Sascha’s Designs….yummmm!!
and… and… and.. !! ;)
What do you like best about SL fashion?
The sheer creativity of it all.. simply awe inspiring
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