A Vintage Fair to Remember

No matter how much we progress in fashion, some things are just timeless classics. Vintage Fair 2012 was filled with these, ranging from Baroque to the 80′s. The four sims boasted mesh store fronts for a smoother shopping experience.

Some of my favorite pieces came from LD Major and LODE. The Deco Vestito gown is a slinky silhouette that pays homage to the hourglass figures of the silver screen. It looks especially chic when worn with the Dame hair from Loovus Dzevavor. Top it with the coquettish Nikola hat from LODE and you have an evening look that emanates old Hollywood glamour.

Dress and hair: LD Major/Loovus Dzevavor (Vintage Fair)

Jewelry, bag, nails: Finesmith Jewelry

Shoes: LD Major

Hat: LODE (Vintage Fair)

Poses: Manifeste

Makeup: m.o.c.k. cosmetics

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