Graceful As A Impossible Dream..

Animals Speak collection by Chop Zuey strikes again with this stunning Set of Couture Jewels. The Impossible Dream Set.


One of my personal favorites from this enchanting collection is The Impossible Dream  Hummingbird Set. She flutters gracefully in her speckled jewel body glistening as golden as the sun. The nectar she hungers for so sweet as she sups upon the beautifully shaded and detailed cream and pink orchids. The golden mesh around the collar type neck piece almost threatens her freedom …good thing is it far enough away to not trap her.  The stellar detail and romantic charm of this set makes one just sit back and day dream of a place more peaceful.


Whimsical flowerettes dangle from the lobes at just the right amount of length to accent the beauty around it..of both you… and the bird..


Just one more of the amazing collection I will be showcasing here for all of you jewel lovers. This set as well as all of Belle’s creations would make amazing gifts for yoruself..or those you love this holiday season.


Make sure you slip into Chop Zuey’s Mainstore to see what speaks to you!

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