Got Milk?- Chop Zuey Does!

What an amazing treat I have to show you all today.  Another stellar piece from The Animal Speaks Collection at Chop Zuey.  Belle Roussel really takes the spotlight with this imaginative work of art. The Got Milk? Panda Choker.

Chop Zuey's Got Milk? Panda Choker


I’m not often at a loss for words but truly, this cute snuggly panda looks so real as it hugs his little tree branches that you could almost pick him up and snuggle him yourself!. The attention Belle applies to detail never stops. Just look at the cute little leaf he is chewing on.


Just as this creatively couture little guy hungers, so will YOU as each piece in this collection just seems to remind us of the beautiful creatures in our world.


The beauty and sheer talent in this piece doesn’t stop here. Oh No! Look at the artistic flair and soft shading of the choker itself. Soft bamboo hugs your throat so delicately. Diamonds glisten on the leaves of the foliage so realistically youd swear they were drops of morning dew shining in the sunlight.  Who says you can;t find jewels that enhance your natural beauty. Chop Zuey is a feeling …a wondrement to get lost within as you seek to connect to nature. 


Please stay tuned as I will be showcasing more pieces from this legendary collection. So much love and passion have gone into each and every set. Please show Belle and Chop Zuey your love by making a date to visit her mainstore. You will fall in love.  Bring your SL wallets because these pieces make wonderful gifts for rez days and the upcoming holidays. Who wouldn’t want to own a slice of nature couture?

 Chop Zuey Main Store:

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