New & Hunt (AZUL & Finesmith)

20130330_-AZUL- Rehana(MVW2013 MissHongKong)Emerald 20130330_-AZUL- Rehana(MVW2013 MissHongKong)Emerald & Finesmith (2)

MVW2013 ♛ Miss HONG KONG from AZUL
Dress made ​​for Miss Rehana Seljan have appeared
Simple and smart silhouette,
Wisteria in the back of the neck has become a one-point
I think that is wearing an elegant dress
Moreover, earrings and rings that fit of Finesmith
It is a free gift of Spring Fling HUNT
Please look for the eggs because they are hidden in various places
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Spring Fling HUNT(Finesmith)
Rehana Seljanさんの為に作られたドレスが登場しています
Spring Fling HUNTの景品です


Spring Fling HUNT(Finesmith)

Warm Season’s Holidays with [Strip'd ]

Season’s holidays are a time for relax, so we can leave our usual clothes and indulge in domestic activities wearing comfy woolly outfits.

But even being comfortable doesn’t mean we have to abandon our sense of style . For example this delightful loose sweater called Leona brought to us by the fantasy of the innovative brand  [strip'd] helps us to feel fashionable in all its warm essence.

So  Leona by [strip'd]  is a mesh loose sweater, soon to be released , that comes in 5 sizes and complete  with an hud that allows us  to choose among  10 fantastic colors with a click .

In fact  this versatile sweater allows us to be perfect both for a night home with our loved ones or, with the right complements,  to be  always glamorous for a day shopping or a  winter party .

We all can’t wait to see Leona loose sweater  released and ready in the new [Strip'd] store that will be announced soon .


Strip’d Leona loose sweater with change color hud  ( to be released )

Glam Affair Renee skin

Donna flora Lia hair

in white

Monso Combat Boots silver

sYs twiggy  leggins silver

Mood bali bangles

Finesmith Nova earrings B&W

Clemm Snicket Antlers

in Pink

Shadenfreude Thistle Leith boots

Maitreya Long leggings

Finesmith Nova earring nectar

SmS tote bag pinkish

in black

Monso Combat Boots black

Muism Over knee high fur socks

JCNY picasa Bracelets

Finesmith neta earrings onyx

in red

slink vanity boots red

finesmith Folieole onyx

candynail black nails

House of Fox Shopper’s tote



New(Deesses & Finesmith & OneStore)

Cute dress is out of the shop only OneStore Marketplace
This shop has become a shop that does not have a shop in-world
Please check it  marketplace because there is also a Best Product
Skin is Chyna Cappuccino from Deesses
Lip gloss is a nice skin here and is released in the head office
“LET IT SNOW” accessories is of Finesmith
Accessories for this color of an object, and can be changed to six
Shop is here
One Store



使ったスキンはDeessesのChyna Cappuccinoです
アクセサリーはFinesmithのLET IT SNOWです
One Store



Golden Glam from EVOLVE

Evolve mesh dress, Yielding

Glimmer and shine in the precious color of 24K gold.  Treat yourself to this perfect holiday dress and you will be glad that you did.  This is part of the Noir Beauty Dress Series that features classic with modern styling and details.   The mini length is elegant and the side slit sleeves are alluring.  Go shopping at EVOLVE and own this dress.

Couture : EVOLVE  Yielding

Hair : Bliss Couture

Hat: Bliss Couture


Evolve ~ Noir Beauty 6 Mesh Creation

New from Evolve are their Noir Beauty dresses and I had the honor to review 2 of the prints.  The shimmering sky blue sequins make this the perfect cocktail and party dress for your Autumn and Winter occasions.  Included are three sizes for the perfect fit.  The mini length, side sleeve cut outs, relaxed neckline make this a sophisticated and chic creation.

Available at EVOLVE on the Second Life Grid

Hair : Bliss

Jewelry : N@N@

Makeup : Glamorize

Outfit : Evolve Noir Beauty 6 in Mesh